What a Thing to Face, You Can’t Out-Sin God’s Grace

By Steve Wickham

No matter how long we’ve accepted Christ’s death and resurrection as our salvation and new life, we still cannot fully comprehend it.

This is a fact by the way we live. We cannot stop living in a self-condemning way at times, and we’re so quick to judge. Judge another and like a boomerang we reveal how much we judge ourselves by the insecurities we reveal are adhered to our persona. That, or we get stuck in comparison-mode, and we cannot get over how well-endowed or fortunate or blessed another person is. And the trick here is, the more we think we know Christ or have Him, the more we’re ruined by pride. God won’t be ‘had’ by anyone. See how blessedness can never be a material asset, only a spiritual one?

The only one who is close to Jesus is the one who knows how derelict they are without Him.

The gospel is a complete paradox that none in humanity can reconcile other than let themselves be swept up in a mystery. The best position we find ourselves in with God is when we feel unworthy of His saving us, because we’re so well in-touch with our sin.

If you feel unworthy, well, take comfort in this:

He who cannot not keep His Word,

Has given up His Son, even for you,

He has given Him up,

And there is nothing more to do.

Oh, I do understand what you think,

God knows we think the same,

That’s why God did what He could,

To entirely and eternally deal with our shame.

So you think, ‘what shall I do?’

Well I think God wants you to rest,

To stop trying and competing,

And let Him work in you best.

But don’t ever think you’ve mastered Him,

It’s those who know they haven’t who do,

Those who are in touch with their sin,

Are ever the Father’s kin.

God must love it most when we enjoy grace for what it is, gratefully, knowing we don’t deserve it.

As our sinfulness abounds in our consciousness, grace abounds more in our connection with God, as we seek Him.

What a thing it is to face, that none of us can out-sin God’s grace.


By Steve Wickham