Council debates three reading rule

By Ivy Potter - [email protected]



Portsmouth City Council met on Monday evening for their regularly scheduled session.

On the meeting’s agenda were three new items up for a first reading, one item up for a second reading, and one item up for a third reading.

An ordinance authorizing the appropriation of $38,950.00 from the general fund to Munn’s Run Wall Repair-Drainage Projects Line Item for repair to the stream wall north of Sterling Avenue parallel to the east alley was among items to receive a first reading. Council elected to suspend the three reading rule, and passed the ordinance.

The second ordinance up for a first reading, authorizing the distribution of $25,468.00 which is the 33 1/3 % of the Hotel/Motel Tax assigned to cultural affairs, to various organizations as recommended by the affairs panel, also received a motion to have the three reading rule suspended. The rule was suspended after a vote of 4-2 with councilmen Gene Meadows and Kevin E. Johnson in the minority.

When asked if there were any questions or comments on the item in question prior to voting on whether or not the item would be passed, Meadows spoke.

“I’m not opposed to this, I know we do it all the time, I’m just sitting here watching and we are waiving these three reading rules too many times,” said Meadows. “That three reading rule is there for a reason it gives the public the option to comment on these things, promotes transparency. These local bodies are where government starts and it should be the most involved form of government we have. I think we need to slow down on waiving these three reading rules unless absolutely necessary.”

Johnson stated he agreed with Meadows, and that is why he too voted no on suspending the three reading rule.

An ordinance authorizing the city manager to enter into an agreement between the City of Portsmouth and Friends of Portsmouth for a Street Arch Lighting Project was also passed for a second reading.

According to Councilman Sean Dunne, finalization of the placement of the arches is underway and being taken into consideration are gas lines, water meters, trees, and any negative effects to local businesses. The project will consist of ten 18 foot arches along Second Street between Washington and Madison Streets.

A final ordinance authorizing the city manager to adjust rules, regulations and fees within the Engineering Department pursuant to the Ohio Board of Building Standards was also passed by council for its final reading.


By Ivy Potter

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Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932

Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932