Police make several drug arrests

Portsmouth Police were dispatched to the 1600 block of Summit St., March 16, in reference to a drug complaint.

According to reports, there were several subjects in a blue vehicle, who were suspected of dealing drugs from the car.

Upon arrival, officers located the vehicle parked. Five individuals were located inside the vehicle, and denied any knowledge of drug activity. Subjects were identified as Mason Lee Bertram, J Newman, Harold Egbert. Austin Munion, and Michelle Roberts, according to reports.

Officers observed Munion Making movements and possibly trying to conceal items in the vehicle. Munion and Roberts were ordered from the vehicle, and officers discovered a hypodermic syringe on the floorboard. Dispatch advised that Egbert and Roberts both had warrants through the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office, and that Roberts also had a warrant through the New Boston Police Department. After first incorrectly identifying himself, Officers discovered that Bertram also had a warrant through NBPD.

Officers discovered a zip lock baggy containing an unknown, crystal like substance, and a second hypodermic syringe. After all parties initially denied ownership of the drugs, Egbert admitted the drugs and paraphernalia were his and stated the baggy contained methamphetamine. A second baggy of methamphetamine was discovered on Egbert’s person.

Three hypodermic syringes, bent spoon with cotton filter and a red straw with a melted end, and a small zip lock bag containing cotton filter and a crystal substance were discovered. Roberts admitted to officers that the baggy contained methamphetamine. Bertram was taken in by NBPD. Egbert and Roberts were processed at the Portsmouth Police station, and then transported to the Scioto County Jail.

Police received a call that someone entered 637 6th St., by unknown means and stole copper piping, and electrical lines from the building. Accoding to the report the heating and air units had also been damaged along with the electrical panels and pipes. A cutting saw and batteries used to power the saw had been left behind by the unknown suspects. The incident was stated to have happened sometime been Jan 1, 2019 and March 13, 2019.

Officers observed that electrical panels and pipes inside the building were damaged and a large amount of copper and scrap was stolen from the building. Officers stated it also appeared someone had been living inside the building and there were remains of a fire on the floor. The saw and batteries were impounded by the Police Department. Several windows were found un-secure along with a garage door on the north/east side of the building, and were secured by responding officers.

On March 14, officers responded to 1721 5th St., regarding the theft of a vehicle. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Alvin Branham who said he purchased a 1995 Ford Ranger from John Cummings that morning. Branham stated he paid $500 to Cummings for the truck and had received a key and title. Branham stated he went inside to retrieve a trash bag for Cummings to remove his personal items from the vehicle and when he returned Cummings had left in the truck with the money Branham had paid him.

Branham provided a video which showed Cummings holding the tile and his KY ID and saying he was selling the vehicle to Branham. Branham also had a hand written receipt for the purchase.

After investigating, officers learned that Cummings had an active warrant out of South Shore Police department for the theft of the vehicle. Officers matched the VIN number to that of the stolen vehicle. Branham stated he had no knowledge of the truck being stolen and would not have wanted to purchase it if he had known so. Officers impounded the title, key, and receipt as evidence.

A warrant request was made for John Cummings III for Theft.

On March 17, officers responded to 930 30th St. in reference to a criminal damaging. Upon arrival officers came in contact with Kristina Creveling, who stated someone had tampered with her security system. Creveling showed officers where wires had been cut in the box located on the outside of the residence. Creveling stated her security system had stopped working. Officers advised Creveling to contact her security company to make sure the cut wire attributed to the system failing. Officers advised Creveling to advise after speaking with the security company.

On March 16, Officers were dispatched to 1909 Thomas Ave., Apartment F in reference to drugs. Upon arrival Officers approached with the knowledge that Richard Bolda and Shane McGlone may possibly be at the residence. Officers had been looking for both parties prior to the call to serve warrants.

Officers reported a smell of Marijuana from inside the apartment. Officers noticed drug paraphernalia and drugs in plain sight throughout the residence. Officers noticed a female, Megan Nicole Cottrell, and a small child upstairs, as well as a baby in the living room of the residence approximately 6 steps from a small baggy of white powder and a glass pipe. A firearm was also on the couch near the child with other paraphernalia.

Officers asked Bolda if the firearm was loaded and he stated it was. Officers detained Lawson and Cottrell and Lawson identified the white substance as Meth or Ice. More white powder residue, and glass pipes were located in the kitchen. The firearm was unloaded and taken as evidence. Jonna Stacy was identified as the resident of the apartment and upon her arrival gave officers permission to search the rest of the apartment. Brandy Lynn Piguet who drove Stacey to the residence was asked for her information by officers and her information came back with a warrant. Brady was detained and stated the child upstairs was hers.

A second firearm was found on McGlone. McGlone and Bolda were transported to the police station and both transported to the Scioto County Jail. McGlone was booked on charged with Criminal Trespass and warrant, while Lawson was booked with possession of drugs.