ViewSonic publishes case study on SSU’s Game Design and Esports programs

PORTSMOUTH– ViewSonic recently published a case study focused on the Game Design and Esports programs at Shawnee State University.

Specifically, ViewSonic’s focus was on how their XGC2530 gaming monitors could help to give SSU an edge over other gaming programs and Esports teams they were competing against. Through the case study, the results have shown that the SSU Esports team has had good fortune in using the new hardware from ViewSonic for its first season as a NACE varsity team. The Esports team compete in games including Smite, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League and Hearthstone.

“The ViewSonic XGC2530 gaming monitors have set a new standard that’s hard to live without. The high hertz and low input lag make a massive difference with fast games like Rocket League and Overwatch, where reaction time is critical,” said Travis Lynn, SSU Professor of Game Engineering, Chair of Shawnee Game Conference, and SSU Esports Assistant Coach.

In the classrooms, students in the game design programs are able to use ViewSonic’s monitor in developing 3D game graphics, programming and benchmarking games.

“We are thankful for the updated space and systems to use for the game design and Esports programs, but we lacked monitors with high hertz and low input lag to support student skill development, and thanks to a chance encounter with ViewSonic, we have the monitors we need to make a big impact on both programs,” said Lynn.

ViewSonic outfitted SSU with a total of 12 brand new XGC2530 gaming monitors and a ViewSonic PX706HD short throw gaming projector.

“Most Esports monitors are at least a 144 hertz refresh rate, and our XGC2530 monitors deliver a 240 hertz refresh rate, which is what many professional Esports players rely on. Add to that an ultra-low 1ms response and you’ve got lightning fast action with outstanding visual clarity and absolutely no blurring effects in fast-paced gaming scenarios,” said Jason Maryne, ViewSonic Vertical Marketing Manager for Gaming. “We are excited to align ourselves with Shawnee State because we believe that every second counts within competitive gaming.”

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