What is wrong with this country

By Steve Hamilton, - New Boston

I am a father of four daughters and a grandfather with another grandchild on the way.

I know people have their own feelings about abortions and that’s the great thing about America is that people have the right to free speech and to feel the way they want.

It makes me sick that some of our leaders in Washington DC and around America think it’s ok to kill, yes KILL, an infant when abortion does not work or to take an infant in a late term pregnancy. I just don’t understand all these people for abortion that was BORN and gave the right to live FREE in America. The way I see it is that these people are saying the infant has no right to have feelings or to live free in America. I feel that if a doctor does not do everything to keep the infant alive they should be held accountable or even better hold our so called leaders in Washington that think it is ok to take the infants life accountable for the death. I can tell you all now that there are many couples that can not have children that would be there to adopt the infant so the infant child can have feelings and be raised in a loving home. This is in no way against women rights !!! We all live in a free country, but the people of America need to stand up for the rights of infants!!!! We the people need to be the voice for these infants!!!!! This is how I feel because this country I live in and believe is the greatest country on earth and gives me these rights to have FEELINGS !

Despair Not

Don’t ever despair of a child, my friend

No other gift that God could send

Will equal the joy that a child can bring

And cause the parent’s hearts to sing.

If life seems hard, and sometimes tough,

A song and a prayer may be enough

Along with love that never dies

To heal some wounds from children’s cries.

Each one is precious in God’s sight

He wants them always treated right.

God trusts His child into your care,

So do your best, and don’t despair.

Mark 10:16

And (Jesus) took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them.

By Steve Hamilton,

New Boston