The Little Prince comes to town

By Kimberly Jenkins - [email protected]

The Little Prince performed at the Portsmouth Little Theatre

The Little Prince performed at the Portsmouth Little Theatre

Many people love to watch plays that are based on a good book and The Portsmouth Little Theatre may have just that, as it is preparing for its upcoming show, The Little Prince.

The Little Prince is by Rick Cummins and John Scoullar. It is based on the original book by Antoine de Saint’Exupery.

Staci Slaughter is the Director of this play. Leigh Anne Smith, Assistant Director, and Vice President of the Portsmouth Little Theatre Board of Governors, gave quite a nice overview of this upcoming show.

“The show on the surface, it is a story about a grownup meeting his inner child, but it is much much more than that,” Smith said. “It is a parable, a fable, a fairy tale, and it’s lessons to learn about how to be a grownup. It teaches valuable life lessons.

“It originated in 1943, and it was voted the best book in the 20th century. It ranked second in literary works, by the number of languages that it has been translated into, next to the Bible,” she continued. “Only the Bible has been translated into more. The Little Prince has been translated into 300 languages. It is a very very famous story, it is beautiful and everyone should read it, kids and adults should read it and talk about it and then they should come to see it.

“I really want it to be a book club thing. The play is really the cliff notes version of the book. It is still awesome and it’s still an experience. We’re doing it very differently than most of our plays, it’s very simplistic, our stage is simplistic, we don’t have a set. we don’t have a lot of props, Smith said. “Our cast is very diverse and ranges from a five-year old to an adult. With it being community theatre, you never know who is going to show up for auditions, so it’s different from what we thought when we envisioned our cast. It’s very very interesting casting as children in adult roles brings and new innocence and vulnerability to these morality characters, who are teaching lessons like, ‘dont’ hide your true feelings, because it will cost you everything that’s important,’ ‘judge yourself before you judge others,’ ‘you shouldn’t take yourself so seriously,’ and ‘let those you love, fly free.’ Those are some of the lessons you’ll learn in The Little Prince.”

If you are looking for something to do, go over to your own Portsmouth Little Theatre one of the first two weekends in March and watch what Smith says is quite a show to see.

“There are 10 cast members in the show,” Smith. “There is the main character who is The Little Prince, and some characters don’t have as many lines. but they are very important. Every single character teaches an important lesson.”

The list of characters for The Little Prince are as follows:

The Little Prince- Sawyer Maynard

The Aviator- Jonathan Maynard

King- Xander Parker

Geographer- Delany Bowen

Snake- Tish Maynard

Business Man- Dawson James

Conceded Man- Lucas Grey

Fox- Kelsey Boulay

Desert Flower – Tessa Maynard

Staci Slaughter- Director

Leigh Anne Smith- Assistant Director

The Little Prince performed at the Portsmouth Little Theatre Little Prince performed at the Portsmouth Little Theatre

By Kimberly Jenkins

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740) 353-3101 ext. 1928

Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740) 353-3101 ext. 1928