Donini refutes Commissioner’s claims

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Children Services Board attendance from Jan. 2018-Jan. 2019

During Thursday’s Scioto County Commissioner’s meeting, Sheriff Marty Donini questioned Commissioners on their reasons for not reappointing him to the Board of Children Services.

Commissioners Cathy Coleman and Mike Crabtree stated they had no problem with a reappointment while Commissioner Bryan Davis expressed his vote for reappointment was no. However all three commissioners listed questions on Donini’s interest in being reappointed and prior attendance being factors of consideration.

On Feb. 15, Donini sent a letter to the Commissioners which included the original letter submitted to the board on Dec. 13 from Lorra Fuller, Executive Director of Scioto County Children Services and a copy of Donini’s attendance record for the period of Jan. 2018-Jan. 2019.

The original letter submitted to Commissioners by Lorra Fuller read, “I am writing to inform you that two of our board members would like to be reappointed for another term. They are Sheriff Marty Donini and Rodney Barnett. Their current appointment will expire in January of 2019.”

According to Donini’s letter, the two documents indicate his desire to continue his service on the Children’s Service Board, and reflect his nearly perfect attendance. According to the attendance record Donini attached to his letter, Donini attended 12 out of 13 meetings, only being absent at a meeting which took place on Aug. 9th of 2018.

Donini concluded his letter to the Commissioners by stating, “I find It very disheartening that you have relied on inaccurate and unverified information provided to you when making your decision to refuse to reappoint me as a member of the Scioto County Board of Children Services.”

Attempts to contact commissioners on their response to Donini’s letter went unanswered as of press time.


Children Services Board attendance from Jan. 2018-Jan. 2019 Services Board attendance from Jan. 2018-Jan. 2019

By Ivy Potter

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Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932