Homelife assisting the homeless population

By Ivy Potter - ipotter@aimmediamidwest.com

A new organization is coming together to support Portsmouth’s homeless population.

Homelife (Homes and obtainable materials in life for everyone) ,whose mission is currently starting small with baby steps to provide for those in need, was started by Heather Book just weeks ago. According to Book the organization started though a Facebook post asking for volunteers to help pass out sandwiches to the homeless, and after a huge response it was decided to begin the organization.

“We aim to help the most vulnerable members of our community, whether that be homeless, escaping an abusive situation, or at risk youth. There’s so much demand and there’s so many other organizations out there that are with similar goals in mind, but everyone I see seems to be overwhelmed,” Book said. “The demand is 100% there and with the Homelife Care Project we are meeting every Friday starting at 7 p.m. and we’re making sandwiches, putting together lunches, that way we can get started on our Saturday runs.”

Book said that for now the organization volunteers are meeting at her residence to pack lunches, until a better location can be secured. “Every Saturday through February we are meeting at Tracy Park at 10:30, beginning handouts at 11, until we run out or until 2 p.m.”

Book says the organization will be handing out lunches, along with hats, gloves, ponchos, socks, and feminine hygiene items and the first distribution event will be this Saturday.

Book stated that if weather conditions are too harsh this weekend her organization will visit warming shelters. “We’re just trying to get some of the items people need that aren’t always thought about,” said Book. Book says she has been lucky in life to never have been in the situation that these people find themselves in, and feels like it is her duty to help provide relief.

She has been collecting donations from the community in the form of necessary items, as well as monetary donations. While the organization is in the process of filing for their non-profit status, Book says she plans to share financial statements monthly from the organization until the status can be obtained to stay transparent.

Homelife is currently accepting any and all donations, as well as volunteers. Book stated however that it is important to her that people don’t stretch themselves too thin, or hurt themselves in order to give. Those interested in donating or volunteering can contact Heather Book directly at (740) 981-6931, or through the organization Facebook page.

By Ivy Potter


Reach: ipotter@aimmediamidwest.com

Reach: ipotter@aimmediamidwest.com