Property Transfers

Richard F. Kruse to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, 2207 White Gravel McDaniel Rd., Minford, $47,000

James G. Sutterfield & Sharon A.Sutterfield to John A. Davis, 1544 6th St., Portsmouth, $37,000.

Charles E. Hacker to Jeffrey & Vicky Ison, 57 Sheldon Rd, Franklin Furnance, $2,000.

Jason Ellis to David & Tiffany Holsinger, 73 Huges Rd., Lucasville, $121,250

JMZB LLC to Collier Leasing LLC, 1661 State Route 522, Wheelersburg, $612,000.

Gale Chamberlin to Angela Bailey, 5132 Oakland Blvd., Sciotoville, $179,685

James M. Harness & Heather A. B. Harness to First things first housing LLC, 2213 Timlin Road, $190,000.

Marty V. Donini, Sheriff of Scioto Co. to WesBanco Bank, INC, 1485 Milldale Rd., Portsmouth, $50,000

John S. & Janis C. Loomis to Mark A. Williams, 1338 Lick Run Lyra Rd., South Webster, $153,000.

Amy L. & Joseph L. Kayser to Randall L. Scott, 90 Nile Court, Stout, $155,000.

Tri-State Land Store,LLC to Erica R. Thomson, 3483 St. Rt. 772, Rarden, $110,00.

Catherine Stone to Paul E. Coleman, 1503 9th St., West Portsmouth, $65,000.

Warren G. Shoemanker and Denise J. Shoemaker to Catherine Stone, 39 Valley View Drive, Lucaville, $75,000.

Casey J. Wolfe to U.S. Bank, 1126 Distel Lane, Portsmouth, $66,000

Jacqueline Carol Addis to Matthew Tackett, 147 Hartley Road, Wheelersburg, $17,000

Raymond Patrick to Kyle N. & Terra M. Locher, 4479 Garden Ave., Portstmouth, $79,540

Timothy B. & Paulette J. Mitchell to Lindsay Mitchell, 118 High Street, West Portsmouth, $73,600

Kayla Tackett to Adam C. Henry, 1180 Lick Run Lyra rd., Wheelersburg, $51,000

Jeffrey R. Tarr, Julie M. Lundy & Joy H. Schackart to David Shultz, 50 Clay Drive, Lucasville, $26,500.

Gary & Pam Clark, to Cebert Newsome, 110 Washington St., Portsmouth, $200,000

Karen & Greg Romanello, LMK Properties LLC of Ohio, 560 High Street, Minford, $10,000

Jessica & Mitchell Dalton to Kristal D. Little, 174 Aaron Road., Portsmouth, $127,645

Brandon M. Hughes to Phyllis Flloyd and Frankie Artis, 0 Jefferson St., Havernhill, $12,000.

Barry Baker to Janette M. Browning, 4324 McDermott Pond Ck., Rd., McDermott, $66,100

John R. & Karla L. Cassidy., 2251 Beekmn Ave., West Portsmouth, $80,000.

James E. Ratliff & Rebehak Ratliff to LMK Properties, Wheelersburg, $47,000

Brandy Basham to Robert & Jessica Farro, 639 N Jackson St., South Webster, $350,000

Linda Ellis to Jodi Hammonds, 2089 Big Pete Rd., Franklin Furnance, $12,000

Earl & Delynn Bennett to Richard Thomas, 5246 Swauger Valley Rd., Portsmouth, $48,750.

Lance L. Vallery Living Trust to Roy Mallot, 3619 Bear Creek Road, Otway, $39,000.

Kenneth C. Wymer and Aloma Wymer to Leonard Wheeler and Rebecca Wheeler, State Route 139, Minford, $45,000.

John R. Foit and Patricia A. Foit to Adam D. Evans and Brandi A. Evans, 524 Cook Rd., Lucasville, $232,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Lisa and Ralph Schackart, 857, McNamer Brown Rd., Lucasville, $18,000

Garry & Carolyn Fuller to John & Brittany Howard 2006 Perishing Ave., West Portsmouth, $83,968

Edwin R. & Karen S. Smalley to Roy J. & Marsha K. Smith, 16614 St. Rt. 73, $42,000

Joshua Linkous to Larry & Jennifer Robinson, 37 Nile Court, Stout, $202,000

Theresa Laxton & James Donnally to Joshua Linkous, 1702 Dogwood Ridgem Wheelersburg, $142,000

Otto & Brenda Apel to McCain and Associates of Ohio, 8364 Hayport Rd., Wheelerburg, $150,000

Joseph P. Rueden to The Knore Family Trust, Minford, $47,000