Compass Health Center earns awards

By Kimberly Jenkins - [email protected]

Erin Trapp, RN Clinical Director for Compass Community Health Care Center.

Erin Trapp, RN Clinical Director for Compass Community Health Care Center.

Summer Kirby Chief Executive Officer for Compass Community Health Care Center.

App for Compass Community Care Health Center.

Good things have been going on at Compass Community Health Care Center, located at 1634 11th Street, Portsmouth.

The Compass community has been working hard and has received several awards. Summer Kirby, Chief Executive Officer and Erin Trapp, RN Clinical Director, at Compass Community Health Care Center wanted to reach out to the community, first and foremost to let the community know what is available at the center and make the public aware of the awards the center has received for the work being carried out there.

What Compass says in their Mission and Vision Statement is that they want: “To provide access to quality healthcare to all members of our community, and the Vision is to be the healthcare provider of choice in our region.”

One of the awards they have received is the National Center for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Certified Content Expert (CCE) which Trapp received. NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Content Experts receive this thorough training and demonstrate in-depth knowledge to assist an organization in applying for NCQA PCMH Recognition. The NCQA Recognition is the patient-centered medical home that is a model of care that puts patients at the forefront of care. PCMH’s build better relationship between patients and their clinical care teams. Research shows that PCMHS improve quality and the patient experience, and increase staff satisfaction – while reducing health care costs. Practices that earn recognition have made a commitment to continuous quality improvement and patient-center approach to care.

Kirby says that Trapp recently became a NCQA Patient Center of Medical Home(PCMH) Certified Content Expert. “It is a designation not a lot of people have, but through our work here as a patient center medical home and in obtaining that, Trapp has done a great job in leading us through those charges. NCQA is something they have to be doing, putting patients in the forefront, it’s something we have to be doing and the whole intent is improving outcomes for patients.”

Kirby states that one of the things people don’t necessarily understand is what a federally qualified Health Center is, and the importance of having a qualified center within the community. “It’s really important to understand the vast array of services that we have here, that’s available to everyone in our community, regardless of what type of insurance they have, if the have insurance, if they don’t have insurance, with the focusing on that patient, and that patient centered medical home component, and the integration of the services within the center.”

Trapp said that at the Community Care Health Center they have primary care and a medical provider. “We have full time nurse practitioners, we have a psychiatric nurse practitioner, which means we have mental health services, we have occupational therapy, which is a sensory based program.” They have a pharmacy at the site and they are an easily accessible one story facility. They also have a care coordinator who can assist with patients with all of their health care needs. They have patients that range from age 1 to that of the elderly and anything in between.

Both Trapp and Kirby say the Services available at Compass Community Health Care Center are that of: Primary Care, Women’s Health, Medication-Assisted Treatment, Pediatric Occupational Therapy and Sensory Gym, Behavioral Health, Care Coordination, Outreach and Enrollment, and pharmacy.

Another special award received there is the 2018 PRAPARE Innovation and Engagement Awardee. Compass Community Health was selected as one of five national health centers in the nation for their innovation and engagement with PRAPARE (Protocal for Respond to and Assessing Patients’ Assets, Risks and Experiences). Trapp says the Prapare program is a screening tool that assesses social determent’s to health, which covers things like, do you have a food insecurity, are you safe, do you have clothing, do you have a house, a job, or can you not get a job? This screening tool literally assesses everything about the environment the patient is living in, what their community is like. They were first awarded this in 2017 as one of the first to roll the tool out and access the data and create a community resource. The second year 2018, they were the only center that was selected for the second time. This is another one of the positive things they have going on there.

The Center also is continually building on an ACE (Advocacy Center of Excellence) – They started out with Bronze in September of last year and then Silver in July of this year and the highest is Gold, which they received in August of this year, making them only one of 30 Health Centers Nationally that have that award. An ACE has achieved certain measures of advocacy success and demonstrated ongoing commitment to advocacy by making it an organizational priority. In addition to creating a true culture of advocacy at the Health Center. ACE’s are actively engaged and involved with federal and state policy issues impacting Health Centers and their patients while collaborating with the state Primary Care Association and NACHC(National Association of Community Health Centers).

Trapp, Clinical Director and Fonda Lewis, RN represented Compass Community Health at the annual CHI(Community Health Institute) Conference. Trapp and Lewis provided training and discussion to attendees representing fellow community health centers across the United States.

The other awards that Compass Community Health Care Center has received is that of:

2018 Health Center Quality Improvement Award – Advancing Health information Technology (HIT) recognizes health centers utilizing HIT systems to increase access to care and advance quality of care – Clinical Quality Improvers made at least a 10% improvement in one or more Clinical Quality Measures.

2018 Expanding Access to QualitySubstance use Disorder and Mental Health Service Awards – Expand access to quality integrated and SUD prevention and treatment services, including those addressing opioid use disorder OUD and other emerging SUD issues, to best meet the health needs of the population served by the health center and/or – Expand access to quality integrated mental health services, with a focus on conditions that increase risk for or co-occur with SUD, including OUD

And finally, National Association of Medicaid Directors’ (NAMD) Annual Conference for which Summer Kirby, CEO of Compass represented the nation’s Community Health Centers on the PRAPRE, collection data to understand and act on patient’s social determinants of health.

Compass Community Health Care Center has a lot to offer to our local community and anyone who wants to is able to take part in any service available there. For questions call: 740-353-7102

Erin Trapp, RN Clinical Director for Compass Community Health Care Center. Trapp, RN Clinical Director for Compass Community Health Care Center.

Summer Kirby Chief Executive Officer for Compass Community Health Care Center. Kirby Chief Executive Officer for Compass Community Health Care Center.

App for Compass Community Care Health Center. for Compass Community Care Health Center.

By Kimberly Jenkins

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740)353-3101 ext. 1928

Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740)353-3101 ext. 1928