Meadows unhappy about comments

By Ivy Potter -

Portsmouth City Council met Tuesday, after postponing Monday’s meeting in observance of the Veteran’s Day holiday. Before jumping into the legislative portion of the evening, Council woman Jo Ann Aeh made a motion to enter into an executive session for the purpose of discussing possible litigation, possible sale of city property, and receive an update on contract negotiations. While the session lasted nearly an hour, no additional information was shared upon council’s return.

On the agenda for the regular session meeting were two items to receive a third reading, an ordinance authorizing the acceptance of $35,000 into Water Works Fun No. 606 and the appropriation of the same into a Sunrise Water Main Line Item received from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for expenses of a 30 inch waterline project and an ordinance authorizing the City Manager Sam Sutherland to enter into a permanent easement agreement with Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc. Both items were passed by council with an additional item, an ordinance authorizing the appropriation of $60,000 to cover current and future expenses for 2018 to pay for IT services provided by Seitz Solutions, receiving its second reading. One new item appeared on the meeting’s agenda for a first reading, an ordinance authorizing City Auditor Trent Williams to amend appropriations to reflect actual revenues and expenditures in order to balance and close the city’s books for the fiscal year 2018. The item was received for its first reading and will move on to be heard for a second time.

During miscellaneous business from Council, 5th Ward Councilman Gene Meadows stated he wanted to clear the air about alleged statements he made according to Solicitor John Haas, who was not present. Meadows stated that he never made any statements about shutting off county sewer services, and said that this was not the first time his name had been used in negotiating power.

Meadows stated that if anyone has a question about something he has said or supposedly said, to ask him directly. “If anyone has a question about a statement, call me,” said Meadows.

By Ivy Potter

Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932

Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932