Green Local to get a new school

By Kimberly Jenkins -

Current Green Local School

Current Green Local School

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The Green Local School district has been using the same building for their schools, since 1972 even, before the birth of the technology that we have today. Thatto be no longer the case, as the voters in the Green Local School District at press time with 80.0 percent of the precincts reporting , 61.51% For the Levy and 38.49% Against the Levy in favor to build a new school for their children.

A bond issue was on the ballot for construction of a new pre-school through 12th grade building, along with several other athletic and extracurricular complex improvements. The state of Ohio is to pay 71 percent of the allowable cost, and taxpayers will pay the remaining 29 percent.

Before the election, Superintendent Jodi Armstrong said, “If you have a relationship with the Green Local School District, you know that the school is the heart of the community. This is where we celebrate our individual experiences and collective history. This project will serve as a legacy for us to come together as a Bobcat Family and support future generations with 21st Century educational facilities that meet the demands of today’s academic rigors, workforce development, social-emotional needs, and extra-curricular opportunities.” And this community has come together to do just that.

Without new facilities the district would have had to go to the taxpayers in the form of a levy to fund the costs of repairs/replacements. Those independent costs would have been more expensive than the district’s shared cost for new building.

Armstrong earlier discussed what would happen if the levy passed. She said, “the typical timeline after you are given the go ahead to build, is one year of planning, even though they have done a lot of planning already. You have to go through an entire process with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission to get all those final pieces in place, then after you do break ground, it’s about two years on the build, because there is so much that goes into it.” Now that the levy has succeeded, the timeline will begin.

Current Green Local School Green Local School Submitted Photo

By Kimberly Jenkins

Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740) 353-3101 ext. 1928

Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740) 353-3101 ext. 1928