Live streams making impact on local politics

By Ivy Potter -

A push for transparency and accessibility has resulted in changes for modern politics, and those changes are starting to reflect here in Scioto County.

Portsmouth City Council is now considering establishing a live stream of their meetings, while the Scioto County Commissioners and New Boston City Council both have recently adopted this practice, live streaming their weekly meetings via their official Facebook pages.

Chair of Commissioners Mike Crabtree stated that he thinks these types of practices encourage community involvement, by making the content accessible. “People take a little more interest in what’s going on I think, when it’s comfortable and they can sit on the couch and see what’s going on,” said Crabtree. “I hear it and I know that the other commissioners do too, people like the live stream and like to be able to go on and look at it at any time. Right now, we’ll have people that will call into the office having seen something from the steam the night before and request more information. People really like the freedom, being able to go back meetings from more than five weeks ago,” said Commissioner Bryan Davis.

Commissioners stated that the live stream session from Tuesday of this week received upwards of a thousand views on Facebook. “There’s nothing like live video, that’s so transparent. That’s what we were after,” said Davis.

Commissioners stated that apart from being available for those unable to attend meetings in person, additionally the live streams serve as a good system of keeping record of what is being said, and after easily able to be referenced when they are accused of making statements that are untrue by the public. The commissioners stated that they feel Council would be making the right decision by also opting to live stream their meetings, and believe that this is the wave of the future.

By Ivy Potter

Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-31o1 Extension 1932

Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-31o1 Extension 1932