Land Transfers

The following are property transfers as recorded in th Scioto County Auditor’s office:

Carnie Lockhart to Chad Hodge, 1673 Slab Run Rd., West Portsmouth, $4,000.00

James J. Hayslip to Fifth Third Mortgage Company, 1258 8th Street, West Portsmouth, $14,000.00

E.V.J., Inc. to James E. Tipton, 13378 US Highway 52, West Portsmouth, $50,000.00

Marilyn K. Morris to Ralph K. Launderback and Sharon R. Launderback, 0 Bull Run Road, Minford, $18,500.00.

Raymond E. & Rhonda K. Doss to S&S Farm, LLC., 1642 Fairground Rd., Lucasville, $1,500,000.00.

Amanda K. Burr to Kyle D. Williams, 1371 Rosemount Rd., Portsmouth, $87,300.

Albert & Virginia Varhola to David and Robin Hutchinson, 3132 Old Post Rd., Portsmouth, $194,000.00.

US Bank Trust to Charles Crisp & Trina Crisp, 1355 Hogan St., Portsmouth, $26,000.00.

The Ohio Valley Bank Company, to LaJoye Group, LLC., Lucasville, $46,000.00.

The Scioto County Home Rentals, LLC., 1910 Jackson Street, Portsmouth, $30,300.00.

Laura R. McCoy to John Foster, Careys Run Pond Creek Rd., West Portsmouth, $3,500.00

Christopher Sheperd & Patricia Shepherd to Fred Marn, 2550 Dogwood Ridge Rd., Wheelersburg, $69,000.00.

Paul & Linda Bender to Kelly & Joyce Carver, Lucasville, $45,000.00

Kimberly & James Cassidy to Joseph & Betsy Crabtree, 598 Careys Run Rd., West Portsmouth, $53,679.00.

William H. Mollett to Sheila Walker, 1650 Junior Road, Franklin Furnace, $10,000.00

Ditech Financial LLC., to Allen R. Caldwell and Stephanie L. Caldwell, 2046 Riddlebarger Rd., Portsmouth, $65, 000.00.

Aaron Tubbard and Jennifer D. Tubb to Jacob D. Porter and Amanda Porter, 418 Butler Hollow Rd., Lucasville, $129,900.00

Kathy Blackburn and Carolyn Buttner to Denny J Bays and Nancy E. Bays., 150 Salem Road, Minford, $108,000.00

Linda Conley to Marion R. & Kemmley H. Hocksetler, 0 Shady Brook Lane, Wheelersburg, $18,000.00

Daniella D. Forster to Jason N. & Allison H. Bentley, 248 Eagle Creek Drive, Portsmouth, $285,729.00.

Paul D Ward Jr. to LEIM Holdings, LLC., 72 Roby Street, West Portsmouth, $22,500.00