DENVER, COLO. (Oct. 12, 2018) – Cold War Patriots (CWP), a community resource organization that is the nation’s strongest and most sustained voice advocating for nuclear weapons and uranium worker benefits, will host a free event in Piketon on Oct. 26 to honor Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant workers. The event is co-hosted by National Church Residence.

It is part of the Cold War Patriots 10th Annual Official National Day of Remembrance™, which is Oct. 30. Each year, the U.S. Senate passes a bipartisan resolution that sets aside Oct. 30 as a day to honor the contributions and sacrifices of the country’s uranium and nuclear weapons workers. More than one million Americans worked with uranium or in the nation’s nuclear weapons complex from its origins with the Manhattan Project during World War II to the present day.

“This is an important event that will enable us to thank the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant workers for their hard work, dedication and sacrifice,” says CWP Chairperson Tim Lerew. “They did their part to keep America free, and this is our opportunity to honor them.”

Cold War Patriots’ Official National Day of RemembranceTM Reception will be Oct. 26, 9am – 10 a.m. Registration and Worker Reunion Coffee Hour 10 am – 11:30 a.m. Recognition and Remembrance Program at Ohio State University Endeavor Center, 1862 Shyville Rd. Piketon.

The Piketon event observes the Official National Day of Remembrance and honors all Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant workers, their family members and friends. At the event, workers will have the opportunity to reconnect and socialize with their co-workers.

A representative from Congressman Brad Wenstrup’s office will make an appearance. Two former Secretaries of Energy – Donald Hodel, who served in the Reagan administration, and Gov. Bill Richardson who served in the Clinton administration before being elected Governor of New Mexico – are honorary co-chairs for this year’s official National Day of Remembrance and will lend their voices to the celebration. There will also be a candle lighting ceremony to honor fallen workers.

CWP will recognize those who served by distributing 10th anniversary commemorative lapel pins to the workers. The pins are a replica of a pin awarded by the Secretary of War to workers on the Manhattan Project. Men and women who worked in the nuclear weapons and uranium industry will be given a bronze pin. Silver pins will be given to workers who have experienced some level of health-related illness due to their work.

Workers can learn more about CWP’s Official National Day of Remembrance at or call 888.903.8989 to RSVP to the free event.