Commission holds meeting

Present at the meeting were Logan Minter, Joseph Pratt, Diana Ratliff, Sue Burke, Sean Dunne, Bill Beaumont, Sherri Collins, Carrie Massie and Erika Proffitt from Shawnee State University’s tree committee.

Diana Ratliff, City Clerk, swore in the following persons for a term on the Shade Tree Commission: First Ward Councilman, Sean Dunne, Logan Minter, Joseph Pratt, Sue Burke, Sherri Collins and Carrie Massie.

Sue asked if everyone had a chance to review minutes from the August meeting. Bill Beaumont made a motion to accept the minutes. Sean Dunne seconded the motion and the motion carried.

We discussed plans for this year’s tree planting. So far we would like to replace 2 trees on 6th Street and 1 tree on 7th Street (all near Hunter Williams Insurance). We will also replace a dead tree at 434 Second Street (Shamrock Tattoo Parlor). Sue Burke is going to put together a planting/removal list from our discussion that includes these trees and others. There are several dead trees in front of the Holiday Inn and Smith’s Pharmacy on Second Street. In several places downtown, there are trees missing where tree wells have been replaced by concrete and empty wells or grass where there were once trees. Locations mentioned were the Pie Factory, Glockners, Yost Labs…

Logan Minter looked at a tree in front of Century 21 on Market Street. He told us that the tree should have been pruned a number of years ago and that it is no longer structurally sound. Sue Burke made a motion to give Craig DeAtley of Century 21 permission to remove the tree as long as he agreed to replace it with the same type of tree. Joseph Pratt seconded the motion and it carried.

Bill Beaumont recounted what occurred to a large sycamore tree that was located at 6th and Adams Street. The owner secured a permit but failed to prune the tree properly. Instead every limb on the tree was removed and a tall stump remains. Joseph Pratt made a motion to forward the matter to the City Solicitor, John Haas, for action. Sean Dunne seconded the motion and it carried.

DESCO trimmed 2 trees on Chillicothe Street without a permit and without using city approved tree trimmers. The tree commission gave them a city tree brochure and letter last year but these trees were trimmed twice since that time. Sean Dunne made a motion to forward the matter to John Haas for action. Carrie Massie seconded the motion and it carried.

Reynolds and Chapman sent the tree commission a letter regarding trees in front of and behind their business. One tree is on 6th Street and two are on Gallia Street. They requested permission to remove the trees and to put pavement over the tree wells. They requested the commission offer other options if this was not acceptable. The trees in question are small (one very small) weeping cherries that the City did not place there. After discussion, we decided to investigate options for the Gallia Street tree that is directly in front of their front door and very close to the awning. Joseph Pratt made a motion to allow for removal of the tree on 6th Street

and for the other tree on Gallia Street as long as each tree is replaced with a 2.5