Contract with village and county reached

By Mark Richard - [email protected]

An agreement has been reached between the county and the Village of New Boston.

On Monday Scioto County Commissioners Bryan Davis, Mike Crabtree and Cathy Coleman, as well as Scioto County Sheriff Marty Donini met with New Boston Mayor Junior Williams and New Boston Solicitor Justin Blume in the office of Scioto County Prosecutor Shane A. Tieman. The meeting was to work out a deal between all parties concerning New Boston using the Scioto County Jail for housing inmates.

A New Boston inmate was previously turned away by the sheriff’s department due to being overcrowded. This sparked a debate within New Boston Council at its regular meeting last week. The reason the county gave at the time for turning the inmate away was lack of available beds.

Crabtree, in a Daily Times story last Friday said space is “a serious issue,” at the jail. He said they have been dealing with overcrowding at the jail, which was opened in 2006, for quite some time. He said when the jail was built it was designed for 190 inmates, saying it has as many as 260 per day at times.

Tieman said all parties sat down and worked out an agreement the county and the village could live with. He said it took about an hour before an agreement was reached.

A special meeting of New Boston Village Council was held yesterday morning in which council voted to approve the contract.

“Bringing all parties to the table to discuss this issue allowed everyone to express their concerns and needs,” Tieman said in a press release. “More importantly, the parties were able to reach an agreement that is satisfactory to all the parties in less than an hour.”

Tieman, who called the meeting at his office, said in a telephone interview yesterday that most of the issues were easy to work out. He said in the end, the contract is a “very standard” document that everyone is happy with. “It was a very smooth process,” he said. “We came up with a solution everybody likes.”

The commissioners approved the contract Tuesday, with council’s approval yesterday, allowing New Boston to utilize the Scioto County Jail to house violators of Village of New Boston Ordinances at the expense of the village in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code.

“This is the way government should work,” Davis said. “Everyone coming to the table to make it work for the citizens of our county.”

The village will be required to pay the county $70 per day for male inmates and $80 per day for female inmates, according to Williams. He said the contract will renew automatically each year with both parties having an option to make change with a 30 day written notice. He said there is an inflation provision for a 3 percent increase in 2020.

Williams said the contract is not signed, saying he is waiting on the commissioners to sign a contract and send it to his office. He said his council did vote yesterday to authorize him to sign the contract for the village.

“I have in my possession a tentative contract issued to the Village of New Boston by the (Scioto County) Board of Commissioners and Scioto County Sheriff. Once I receive a signed copy of the contract from the county I will thoroughly review it and I fully intend to apply my signature to the agreement,” Williams said in a press release. “I wish to thank New Boston Village Council, Scioto County Board of Commissioners, the county sheriff’s office, county prosecutor’s office and New Boston Village Solicitor for their efforts to complete this agreement in a timely manner.”

According to Williams, a 90 written notice from the county, notifying the village the county will no longer accept inmates from New Boston will be rescinded when the contract is signed by all parties.

By Mark Richard

[email protected]

Reach Mark Richard at 740-353-3101.

Reach Mark Richard at 740-353-3101.