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As humorist Josh Billings said, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” In honor of National Week, celebrated the last week of September each year, we’ve highlighted some local furry friends and their adoption stories.


Kaga, a 6 month old wolfdog puppy, was rescued by Omen Creek Wolfdog Sanctuary in Bellfontaine. After breaking his flimsy tie out, he was taken into custody by the local sheriff. Just three days away from being euthanized, the sanctuary pulled him in the knick of time. “We got him back to us and started rehabilitating him,” said owner Jilliyn Cunningham. “Under his thick coat he was basically a skeleton, but that didn’t stop him from being a very happy go lucky puppy who loves people.” Kaga now gets the opportunity to grow up in a safe and loving environment thanks to passionate rescuers.


Smokey was rescued 3 years ago from the Ross County Dog Pound. “He showed no interest in me when we took him out of his cage to play but something was different about him,” said owner Holly Miller. “He loved to play ball and was so happy to be out of his cage”. When Miller told pound staff she wanted to take Smokey home, they told her they had to disclose something that might make her reconsider adopting. “They told me he had bit one of the workers and just got out of seclusion,” Miller said. Staff elaborated however that the worker had stepped between Smokey and another dog that had charged at him after escaping the pound truck. After some consideration, Miller chose to continue with the adoption. “I decided to still take him because he was just defending his only friend. They told that I had to take him to the vet to have a rabies shot because he had been scheduled to be euthanized the next morning,” said Miller. Miller took Smokey home and got him all his required shots the next morning. “He has been the best dog ever possible!,” Miller said. Even after Miller’s daughter was born Smokey continued to be gentle and well mannered. “Just because he has a pit bull label doesn’t mean anything,” said Miller.


While some pets are rescued, others are simply hand-picked. Brutus was adopted by his family from Petland after making an excellent first impression. “We were walking through the store and told an employee we were looking for an English Bulldog,” said owner Courtney Osborne. “The lady told us she had a very special puppy for us that had just arrived.” After being introduced, Osborne’s young daughter immediately took to him. “After bringing him home Brutus and my daughter have become best friends,” said Osborne. “They play together all day and he’s always making her laugh. Brutus is always by her side protecting her.”

Radar & Sugar

Radar was adopted from Sierrra’s Haven seven years ago. “I had just lost my 19 year old dog and I went to Sierra’s Haven to look for another dog,” said MaryAnn Blackburn. After looking at most of the available dogs, Radar stood out. Literally. “When I first saw Radar he was standing on his hind legs trying to get my attention, as if to say “Please take me home”. He has given me to much company and comfort when I needed it. According to Blackburn, Radar has won several contests held by Sierra’s Haven and loves to go swimming and take long walks.

Blackburn rescued Sugar after her owner had moved and abandoned her locked in a cage due to her breed. “She likes to run and used to escape the yard, but after working with her she has learned to love taking walks and stays in the yard,” said Blackburn. Sandy loves receiving belly rubs and being loved on!


Foxy was rescued as a puppy after being found on a back road in a pile of trash. According to her mom, Taylor Cantrell, Foxy is the best dog you could ask for. “She’s so sweet and playful, and happy!,” said Cantrell.

Foxy loves exploring outside, and is best friends with her family’s cats.


Lonzo was adopted from Sierra’s Haven after his owner decided she was ready for her first puppy. After searching through all the available puppies, Lonzo stood out. “I loved his spots and his spunky personality,” said owner Kalyn Mitchell. Now just over a year old, Lonzo is a very well behaved boy who loves treats, playing with his toys, and snuggling with his mom.

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By Ivy Potter

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Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932