Economic development flourishing in Lucasville

By Ivy Potter - [email protected]

Scioto County Commissioner Bryan Davis

Scioto County Commissioner Bryan Davis

Big things are on the horizon for the Lucasville area, according to Scioto County Commissioner Bryan Davis. With the new acquisition of the Lucasville Waste Water Treatment Plant from the State of Ohio, and the completion of the Veteran’s Memorial Highway in just a few short years, the potential for growth is immeasurable.

“We’ve got ample water now, and we can work with the water supplier. We have fiber in the area, electrical is something we would work with AEP on, but the big question was what we would do with waste water treatment. The way it was, the nearest waste water treatment plant was owned by the state of Ohio and that plant serviced the prison and the career technical center, but also serviced a very large network of sewers that we controlled. But, we did not control the plant. We wanted to gain control of that plant so we could control our own destiny,”

“We started in January of 2017, and we started on the road of negotiating on that and we are now in the final steps, working with them at the legal level to secure the plant. This is a huge win for Scioto County,” Davis said. “What this does is marry together the waste water treatment plant with our existing network, and that will help us handle any growth that is spawned from the Veteran’s Memorial Highway. Industrial growth, we’re considering the fact there may be more companies moving into the area. There may be more housing developments moving into the area, which is being discussed right now. This is all the preparations for that,” said Davis. “We’re doing all that we can to make sure that all the infrastructure that is going to be needed will be nearby, ready for development. That’s the big thing we’re doing right now.”

Davis said that the acquisition of the WWTP will allow the county to commit to new projects immediately. “We will be able to commit to them that we will able to hook them in. If we were to add flows, increase the number of flows to that waste water facility, we would have to ask for permission. It would take an extended period of time to do that, going through all the hoops to ask the state for permission. That was really an alarm for me that went off because it made me think, wow is this something we’re going to have to do before adding any plumbing in a project, are we going to have ask for permission before we can commit to the project? Now we can commit to a project right away and not be slowed down by red tape. Once we secure that plant we will able to handle any new additional project, industrial projects, housing projects, condominiums, anything that might be built along that route we will be able to handle. Also, if the EPA were to mandate something in the future, we would be in a much better place to deal with that, although there are not current requests for that.”

Davis commented on the development that has already begun in the Lucasville area over the past several years, and how quickly those projects have taken off. “The Warren P. Balzer Memorial Industrial Park is full, the north campus is doing well, and MAACO has moved their facility from Portsmouth to a larger facility out there, making car parts. What’s amazing is in three years that industrial park went from being empty to almost full.”

Davis said there have already been some private developers that have approached the commissioners about developing in the area. “We have worked with one developer already to prepare for an upcoming project,” said Davis.

Scioto County Commissioner Bryan Davis County Commissioner Bryan Davis

By Ivy Potter

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Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932