Children set up to help others

By Kimberly Jenkins - [email protected]

Abi and Steven Whitt at their stand at the Main Street Farmer’s Market

Abi and Steven Whitt at their stand at the Main Street Farmer’s Market

Little children, some say, ‘never cease to amaze people.’ There is such a little girl and boy, who has done just that and continue doing so.

Abi Whitt is a seven year old girl who wanted to have a stand at the Main Street Farmers Market. She wanted to sell things to raise money to help others. Along with the help of her mother, Anna, who is a teacher at Portsmouth Elementary, and support of her father, Matt, who is also a teacher, at South Webster High School, she set out to make this come to fruition. Not wanting to be left out, Abi’s little brother, Steven, who is six years old, wanted to be part of everything and help.

Abi, Steven, and their mother worked to make things for the stand. They made cake pops, buckeyes, and muffins to sell. Not only that, they also had lemonade available for a donation.

The first week they set up their stand, they made $200. They donated this money to the Homeless Shelter.

The next week, they were working hard again and made $220.50. With that money, they donated it to the Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund. Now they are planning for the next week, where they plan to be back at the market to make money to donate to the Domestic Violence Shelter.

Mark Hunter, with the Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund, and friends with the Whitt’s said, “What outstanding children, they are simply amazing!”

Hunter continued , “there is more, Steven (Whitt) is named after our sweet Steven. Their parents knew our Steven quite well. Their dad, Matt, and Steven were best friends, since they were children! God’s blessings are truly amazing. Their generous donation to Steven Hope Fund will provide 167 meals for local hungry children!”

Hunter was grateful for the donation Abi made and planned mostly all by herself. He said that as for the Steven Hope Fund, it is wonderful, but was quick to say that even though he knew this family and these special children, he was overwhelmed with Abi, being so young and wanting to do for others and sharing this task with her family then giving to those who may not be as fortunate as her.

The Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund is a non profit helping children in the area with meals while not in school. below is a brief description of what the Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund is all about.

The Steven A Hunter Hope Fund was established in memory of Steven Hunter in January of 2006. Steven was a 2003 graduate of Portsmouth High School, attended Shawnee State University and Milligan College. Steven’s enthusiasm was contagious and his compassion inspires us all. Steven had a strong conviction to help those in need, rooted in his strong Christian faith.

It is our mission to improve the lives of economically disadvantaged children in Scioto and surrounding counties by supplying basic needs and opportunities and fostering hope for their future. Our primary focus is childhood hunger and it is addressed through Steven’s Power Pack Program, providing food for the weekend for elementary aged school children with financial needs.

Steven’s Power Pack now serves over 1,300 hungry children every weekend during the school year in 20 different public schools in Scioto, Pike, & Adams Counties, including Portsmouth Elementary, East Portsmouth Elementary, New Boston Oak Intermediate & Stanton Primary, Northwest Elementary, Valley Elementary, West Portsmouth Elementary, Green Elementary, Clay Elementary, Bloom-Vernon Elementary, Minford Elementary, Sciotoville Elementary Academy, Wheelersburg Elementary, Portsmouth STEM Academy, Jasper Elementary, Zahn’s Corner Middle Elementary School, Western Elementary, Waverly Intermediate Elementary and Manchester Elementary Schools.

A program is also maintained in the Portsmouth City School District providing clothing, shoes, field trip & excursion fees, supplies, and other items or fees that help level the playing field for children affected by poverty.

Abi and Steven Whitt at their stand at the Main Street Farmer’s Market and Steven Whitt at their stand at the Main Street Farmer’s Market

By Kimberly Jenkins

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740) 353-3101 ext. 1928

Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740) 353-3101 ext. 1928