Animal hoarding video sparks questions

By Ivy Potter - [email protected]

Local Humane Society chapters.

Local Humane Society chapters.

Thanks to a viral video that surfaced online last week, groups dedicated to animal welfare and concerned citizens both have banned together to seek help for what has been described as an animal hoarding situation in Wheelersburg.

The video, which raised questions about the living conditions of animals in the home, shows a variety of dogs, birds, and cats that are confined to small crates or pet carriers and appear to be living in their own fecal waste. According to a member of the Area Humane Society, abuse complaints have been made regarding this residence for at least 6 years.

On the property there are currently believed to be 7 dogs, 14 cats, and 3 birds inside the home, with an additional 4 dogs tied up in the back yard and 7 miniature horses. The owner of the residence, an elderly woman, is also believed to have several goats on the property as well, and rumors have circulated that the owner of the residence may be keeping additional animals in other buildings and properties. The conditions the animals are living in are said to be extremely unsanitary, and in some instances the cage the animals reside in is not even large enough to allow it to lay down, and the water provided to the animals being green.

According to sources on the scene, after being notified of the situation, a deputy from the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office paid a visit to the residence and initially reported that nothing could be done due to the animals being provided with water, food and shelter. As of yesterday afternoon, the Scioto Area Humane Society posted to their official Facebook page that there had been further developments from the Sheriff’s Office regarding the residence, and that an update would soon be coming. PDT is continuing to investigate this matter and will provide an update when details are provided by the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office.

Local Humane Society chapters. Humane Society chapters.

By Ivy Potter

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