Staff report

Late Tuesday afternoon, the Scioto County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) put out the following statement:

City of Portsmouth department leaders working with Scioto County EMA have coordinated with various state partner agencies in support of the water system issues that have plagued the city since the weekend.

(The) City Health Department has secured bottled water for distribution to special needs populations in the water break areas through the Ohio Emergency Operations Center. Additionally, the City Waterworks has been working with EMA and Ohio EPA on engaging a new high capacity pump that will increase water being pumped to the Sunrise Avenue booster station that services the hilltop area of the city and the Sunrise high pressure tank which services the city with water needs.

The pump was provided by Ohio Department of Natural Resources to the city for increasing their pumping capacity to hopefully provide pressure and service to the hilltop area customers as well as begin filling the high-pressure tank which is a reserve for customer usage.

If the new pump project works, it will enable customers to have service again and the city to flush out lines for discoloration and hopefully by the end of the week reestablish water reserve at the Sunrise Tank.

Portsmouth Water Works continues to urge residents of the hilltop area of Portsmouth to conserve as much water as possible to enable the hilltop tank to refill to normal levels.

Residents currently experiencing issues with sediment in water, pressure, or are under the boil advisory are advised to purchase bottled water or jugs of water from local grocery or convenience stores.

Free tap water is available for fill up at the water filtration plant in New Boston. Please bring you own jugs to fill up.

If you have special needs, or unable to leave your home to purchase or fill up at the filtration plant please call the Portsmouth City Health Department call line: 740-354-8931.

Until the issues can be resolved the Portsmouth City Health Department continues to man 24/7 an information and assistance telephone line for help with needs and questions of concern. All breaks have been isolated at the time of this release on city waterworks lines.

Staff report