PRESS RELEASE from Larry Mullins and Molly Davis

Portsmouth City is under limited water service due to reduced water pressure and flow in the hill top area. Portsmouth City Water Works is requesting that all residents conserve water until the water in holding tanks restore to normal levels.

Water boil advisories are in effect for the following areas of Portsmouth until further notice:

  • north of Kinney’s Lane
  • east of Waller, Sunrise, and Forest Heights
  • west of Coles Boulevard
  • 1500 and 1600 block of 12th Street

Under a water boil advisory any water used in the home should first be boiled including to brush teeth and wash hands. It is not advised to do laundry, shower or wash dishes at this time. Community members affected are urged to show and launder with friends or family if possible.

Portsmouth City Health Department urges individuals to purchase bottles or jugs of water for drinking, hand washing, and brushing teeth as well as cooking if you find that boiling water is too time consuming.

The Portsmouth City Health Department has setup a call line for the community to call that have questions about the water situation for those served by Portsmouth City Water.

The number is 740-354-8931.

The call line will be in service 24/7 until the end of the water situation is resolved and system is returned to normal operation.

Larry Mullins, PIO, Scioto County Emergency Management Agency

[email protected] 740-464-9118

Molly Davis, BS, Regional Epidemiologist, Scioto County, Portsmouth City, Lawrence County, Ironton City

Emergency Response Coordinator, Scioto County/Portsmouth City

605 Washington St. Portsmouth, OH 45662

Office: 740-354-8931

Cell: 937-414-2421

Fax: 740-355-0279

Our Mission:

Prevent disease, promote optimal health and safety, bridge the gap of unmet health care needs, and respond to public health emergencies for the citizens of Portsmouth.

PRESS RELEASE from Larry Mullins and Molly Davis