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Kim Bauer speaks during forum.

Kim Bauer speaks during forum.

Last week, Main Street Portsmouth and the Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce successfully hosted the first event of a new quarterly series that promotes local events and progress, which has been coined as Portsmouth Today.

“Portsmouth Today is about highlighting the positive, the community calendar, and the hard work being put into this county by area businesses and organizations,” Joseph Pratt, Director of Main Street Portsmouth, said on Monday following the event. “We know how much good is going on, and how packed our calendar is, because we cannot plan an event without running into another one at the same time. We always hear that there is nothing to do, but if you keep an eye on the Chamber community calendar you know that isn’t true. “

The calendar mentioned by Pratt is the Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce event calendar on Portsmouth.org that is overseen by the Chamber, Scioto County Visitors Bureau, Main Street, and more, in attempt to organize the many events and promotions going on in the community. It is updated monthly and kept online, or available in print form all over the county.

“While our mission is to serve our business community members, the chamber is always trying to find different ways to help the community as a whole and Portsmouth Today is a natural fit,” Lisa Carver, Director of the Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce, said. “The positivity we are able to showcase with our partners and fellow businesses in Portsmouth Today is only a louder version of what we all do daily in the Welcome Center to promote our community and progress.”

Carver mentioned that the event was thought of well by her board members who were present.

“The event follows our monthly board meeting, so we were able to get a lot of our board members in the meeting to hear some of the progress other groups are accomplishing, push what the chamber does for the business community, and find ways to integrate the Chamber in with the community further to foster a stronger tomorrow.”

Pratt said that he also had a few of his board members and volunteers present.

Portsmouth Today had over 40 people in attendance, with progress heard from representatives from Main Street, the Chamber, the Visitors Bureau, River Days, SOMC, CONNEX, Portsmouth Area Children’s Theatre, Friends of Portsmouth, the American Red Cross, and Roy Rogers Festival.

Everyone kept to a firm time frame to run over highlights and a social period was held following the meeting.

“Now that we’ve held the first forum, we know what works and what doesn’t,” Pratt explained. “For example, people loved hearing all of the upcoming events, but we know that we will need to provide note taking materials for people to keep up. We have too much going on that it is kind of a whirl when you hear it all at once.”

Other organizations were also present who couldn’t be fit into the agenda, such as Shawnee State University, KDMC, Boneyfiddle Project, and more. These groups were all welcomed to hand out materials to get their news out there as well.

“Moving forward, we will continue to work this event into the perfect forum that covers what people are interested in, but also provides a vehicle for additional information that people need to know about,” Pratt said.

Main Street Portsmouth and the Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce are both in the Scioto County Welcome Center, along with partner Scioto County Visitors Bureau. They can be reached there, or by telephone. Pratt is available by email at director@mspohio.org. Carver is available by email at lcarver@portsmouth.org.

The next Portsmouth Today is slated for Wednesday, September 12, at 9 a.m, in the Scioto County Welcome Center. The room is provided by the Scioto County Community Action Organization.

“Everyone is welcome to the forum, whether they are involved in the community wholeheartedly through event planning , want to hear about possible events in the coming future, or simply desire to better understand the goings on in the area today. There is a lot of good going on and we only want to provide the means to get the word out there so we may increase participation and cultivate the community we all deserve.”

Kim Bauer speaks during forum.
https://www.portsmouth-dailytimes.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/28/2018/06/web1_TODAY_ne2018618131558530.jpgKim Bauer speaks during forum.

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