Commissioners update on Splash Pad

By Ivy Potter -

The Splash Pad at Earl Thomas Conley Park opens Thursday.

The Splash Pad at Earl Thomas Conley Park opens Thursday.

For those counting the days — and now the hours — until the Splash Pad opens at Earl Thomas Conley Park, it’s almost that time.

The Scioto County Commissioners announced at their meeting Tuesday that Thursday is the day.

“We are going to be opening on Thursday, that’s the plan,” said Commissioner Cathy Coleman. “We have added some new umbrellas for shelter, and we have some new tables down there. It should make it more comfortable for the crowds down there as it gets hotter.

“We are hoping that we have as large of a crowd as last year, or a greater number. We know that the children had a wonderful time — the parents did, too — and we are welcoming everyone down,” Coleman said. “We have received a grant for $100,000, and are applying for another grant, and if we receive it, it will be $250,000. We will be able to make some extensions to the park, and that’s our plan to add on as the years go by.

“We ask for everyone to come out, to come down and enjoy themselves this summer and have as good of a time as I would have if I was a little girl,” she said. Coleman also mentioned that the new manager at ETC Park, Brian Howard, has been preparing for the opening, and has the equipment ready for the upcoming season with no anticipated problems.

“There’s a lot of excitement on social media right now. There’s been over 20,000 hits on the Facebook page for this event. I think there might be a big crowd there on Thursday,” Commissioner Bryan Davis said.

The commissioners also took care of regularly scheduled business for the county. With a limited agenda, commisioners approved payment of moral obligations, as well as payment of then and now certificates. Special correspondence from the Ohio Department of Taxation regarding permissive sales tax for March 2018 was received by commissioners and was accepted. The latest figures showed an amount down $172,692.99 for March 2018. “We are currently down a total of $864,628.40 year to date,” said Commissioners Chair Mike Crabtree. “We will surpass a million dollars at the next report, I would guess. I think that we’re right on track for that 2.1 million.”

An additional piece of business was a board addition, with Ruth Anne Brush being appointed to the Portsmouth Public Library Board of Trustees for a seven=year term.

The Splash Pad at Earl Thomas Conley Park opens Thursday. Splash Pad at Earl Thomas Conley Park opens Thursday.

By Ivy Potter

Reach Ivy Potter at 740-353-3101 ext. 1928

Reach Ivy Potter at 740-353-3101 ext. 1928