‘A lot of good going on’

Staff Report

Through an upcoming quarterly public forum, the Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Portsmouth are working to bring the community together, build momentum on progress and focus attention on how much goes on that often goes unnoticed.

The event is called Portsmouth Today, and will be held every three months in the Scioto County Welcome Center. It will highlight positivity by focusing on a series of speakers who will update guests on their public events and projects, answer questions anyone may have and hear input from those in attendance.

“We always hear that there isn’t anything to do in this community, and it just isn’t true,” says Joseph Pratt, executive director of Main Street Portsmouth. “We cannot plan an event without clashing with another, so it just becomes a decision of which event can we go against that won’t hurt them and won’t hurt us in attendance. We have a lot of good going on and a lot to do. I think this event will help bring these things to the forefront.”

Pratt says this is also a chance for the community to learn about events in detail.

“We always get questions about other events from people in the community, and we hope Portsmouth Today will better connect community members and planners, so that everyone wins,” Pratt says. “This will allow business owners to better plan around public events in their area, better allow community members to start planning their calendars months ahead and so on.”

Lisa Carver, executive director of the Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce, says she thinks it will be a great opportunity to fill an information vacuum in the area.

“The Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Portsmouth and Scioto County Visitor’s Bureau all field questions daily about area events and general community information. This is a perfect way for us to facilitate getting the information out there,” Carver says. “We have all come to rely very heavily on social media, but I’m a firm believer in face-to-face contact. Nothing will ever take the place of that.”

The chamber will also have calendars available that it produces through the help of the Portsmouth Area Visitors Bureau and Kim Bauer, as well as Main Street Portsmouth and other organizations.

“Additionally, I see this as a great opportunity to partner with Main Street Portsmouth,” Carver says. “Our missions align so well. Both organizations are committed to strengthening our community, and this is a perfect event to bring people together and share positive information.”

After the quick forum presentations, the event will allow various community leaders, business owners and citizens to socialize and talk about what is going on in the area, making for a very large networking opportunity unlike any other in the area.

The first event is scheduled for 9 a.m. June 13 at the Scioto County Welcome Center

Current organizations sending representation include River Days, Portsmouth Area Arts Council, Connex and SOMC, Roy Rogers Festival, American Red Cross, Friends of Portsmouth and 14th Street Community Center. Main Street Portsmouth, the chamber of commerce and the visitors bureau will also give quick updates.

“Portsmouth’s Levi D. York was known for frequently remarking the idea, ‘What will help us individually will help us collectivel,y and that will mean a larger and better city.’ It is this positive attitude that we want to draw inspiration from as we come together to celebrate our individual victories, plan our schedules around giving support at upcoming local events and celebrating a resilient, hardworking community.”

Everyone is welcome to attend. For questions about the event, call the chamber of commerce at 740.353.7647 or Main Street Portsmouth at 740.464.0203.


Staff Report