County employers awarded workplace safety grants

Staff reports

COLUMBUS – Seventy-three Ohio employers – including two in Scioto County – will share $1,521,059 in grants from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) to purchase equipment designed to substantially reduce or eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses.

“Workers are employers’ most important asset, and preventing accidents can keep them healthy and productive,” says BWC Administrator/CEO Sarah Morrison. “Employers investing in safety should consider applying for a safety grant and making use of the many BWC services that can help reduce claims and lower costs.”

In Scioto County, a school district and funeral home were awarded more than $50,000 for planned equipment purchases.

Bloom-Vernon Local Schools was awarded $27,182.08 to purchase two kitchen load lifters, two scissor lifts, one desk mover, one appliance dolly, and equipment dolly to reduce the risk of injury to upper and lower extremities, falls from heights, ladder collapse, hand force, shock, slips, trips and falls. This intervention is expected to improve the maintenance and repair processes. Bloom-Vernon Local Schools is a public school district with preschool to 12th grades in two buildings.

B&L Nelson LLC dba Don Wolfe Funeral Home has been approved to receive $23,171.77 to purchase two hydraulic embalming tables and two mortuary lifts to reduce the risk of injury to hands, wrist, arms, shoulder, neck, back and legs related to hand force, awkward postures and manual materials handling. This intervention is expected to improve the process of preparing human remains for funeral. B&L Nelson LLC dba Don Wolfe Funeral Home provides prearrangement and funeral services to the public.

BWC approved the Safety Intervention Grants during the first quarter of 2018. The recipient employers operate in 40 counties around the state, including Scioto County.

The Safety Intervention Grant program matches an employer’s investment 3-to-1 up to a maximum of $40,000. Quarterly data reports and follow-up case studies measure the effectiveness of employers’ safety interventions and establish best practices for accident and injury prevention.

Staff reports