Quilt winner announced

Staff reports

In honor of Heart Month, Down by the River Quilt Guild recently donated a red dress-inspired quilt to the Southern Ohio Medical Center’s Heart and Vascular Department. The quilt was on display for all patients, families and staff to see during February.

A raffle was held and a winner chosen to take the quilt home, while the donations from the raffle went toward the heart and vascular fund. Lisa Conley was the winner of the quilt, but little did the staff know the heartwarming story behind the win.

When Conley came to claim her prize, she didn’t come alone. She was joined by her parents, Roy and Bertha. She told the staff how her father had a heart attack and was cared for at SOMC. When she went to visit her dad, she saw the quilt and entered the raffle where she bought five tickets, and her mother bought 10. They joked that Bertha should have had the better chance of winning. Her mother echoed how they would pass the quilt, and admired how beautiful it was. Conley’s mother and father, who is now out of the hospital and recovering well, were excited to find out they could see the quilt often at their daughter’s house.

Conley and her parents joined Amy Fraulini, administrative director of Critical Care and Heart and Vascular Services, for a photo with her prize. Conley grabbed her father’s hand, and joy radiated from them.

After the photo, the quilt was folded and handed to Conley. Without saying a word, she gave the quilt to her mother. Her mother was speechless to learn she was now the lucky winner who would get to take the quilt she admired home with her.

A month ago, the mother and daughter saw the quilt as they visited Roy in the hospital. Now, the meaningful quilt will be displayed in their own home. Roy and Bertha walked hand in hand out of the hospital with their daughter, holding the quilt that will now be admired on their own wall.

Staff reports