Teen threatens to ‘set himself on fire’ Juvenile threatens immolation

Staff reports

The Scioto County prosecutor’s office is considering whether charges should be filed against a 17-year-old juvenile who threatened self-immolation before authorities intervened.

The Scioto County Sheriff’s Office released only cursory details about the incident, but said the teen male poured kerosene on himself about 4:30 p.m. Monday.

“He threatened to set himself on fire,” Capt. John Murphy said.

Murphy said the incident took place on Lower Twin Creek Road in Nile Township. The Sheriff’s office was alerted to the situation by a 911 call. No injuries were reported as a result of what occured.

Murphy said the juvenile was taken to Southern Ohio Medical Center for evaluation. He added the teen’s case was turned over to the county prosecutor for possible charges. Murphy did not have details as to the youth’s condition or whether charges were or will be filed.

Because he is a juvenile, the boy’s name was not released.

Staff reports