Price receives Red Cross award

Staff reports

CINCINNATI — The Red Cross Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion has been given to Elvia Price, interim CEO and regional chief program officer of the Greater Cincinnati Dayton Region. The award is a prestigious honor presented annually to an American Red Cross employee or volunteer who promotes diversity and inclusion within the organization and the communities served by the Red Cross.

Price has worked with the Red Cross for 18 years. As Chief Program Services Officer, Elvia is responsible for all 15 United Way relationships in the GCDR Region. She also has extensive responsibility for several high visibility public relations events that showcase Red Cross services, including the successful “Mega Blitz” smoke alarm installation rally that served as a model for the national Sound the Alarm initiative. In addition, she is the primary staff support for Cincinnati’s long-standing Diversity and Inclusion Committee. With Price’s guidance and support, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee has sponsored many impactful activities, including among many others, seminars for minority vendors about how to do business with the American Red Cross; visits and tours for all regional staff members to an Islamic Mosque and to a local holocaust museum; diversity training for volunteers and employees; and attendance at U.S. Naturalization Ceremonies to welcome new citizens.

In nominating Price for the award, former CEO Patricia Smitson said of Price, “Elvia personally treats all individuals from every walk of life with the upmost value and respect. Her position with the D&I Committee puts her front and center on the issue with all employees and volunteers. Her participation in the Chamber’s Diverse by Design program shows her commitment to diversity throughout our community and makes her an outstanding ambassador for the Red Cross.”

Staff reports