Hughes to join Rejoicing in Recovery

The Loved Ones Group launches Thursday

We truly live in a different world these days. Millions of people are affected by the epidemic of addiction. It is a rare individual who can say they are not directly impacted by this concern, either from their personal experience or that of a friend, family-member and coworker or even in their neighborhood. Alcohol and drug addiction can happen in any family. However, this situation not only affects the addict or alcoholic themselves, it is a family disease.

On Thursday, Ed Hughes will share insights from the book “Baffled by Addiction: Successful Strategies to Help Your Addicted Loved One.” Hughes, who co-authored the book, was formerly the executive cirector of The Counseling Center and retired as CEO of Compass Community Health Care Center. His book was designed to “impress on friends and family members that their addicted loved one cannot begin to get better until he experiences the consequences of his addiction, and that he will not obtain the personal motivation to seek help until the family ceases rescuing.”

The goal of the Loved Ones Group at Rejoicing in Recovery (RnR) is to provide families knowledge about the disease of addiction and alcoholism and to learn strategies to deal effectively with their loved ones. Hughes’ book and corresponding DVD series will be utilized for the group that will meet at 7 p.m. each Thursday. The group will offer a safe, supportive environment to share experiences of anger, fear, embarrassment, betrayal and other stressful events caused by the disease of addiction.

RnR meets at 5:15 p.m. each Thursday for dinner, followed by worship and small-group discussion.

RnR is a ministry of Cornerstone United Methodist Church, 808 Offnere Street, Portsmouth. Call 740-354-2548 or email [email protected]

The Loved Ones Group launches Thursday