Juveniles arrested after threats against schools

Two Scioto County Sheriff’s Office detectives reported they had begun investigating the threatening post after receiving numerous calls from concerned parents who had apparently seen the post, which appeared under the name of “Brie Savage.” Laced with profanity, the post threatens violence against persons who had allegedly wronged the author of the post. In its Facebook post, the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office stated that with the help of the Portsmouth and New Boston police departments, as well as the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, officials were able to trace the origin of the Snapchat post to an address on State Route 23 in Portsmouth. Officials arrived at the scene at 1:40 a.m. Thursday.

Scioto County Sheriff Capt. John Murphy said police arrested the two juveniles at the scene. The suspects were a boy and a girl, both age 16, according to Murphy, though the Facebook page originally reported what Murphy said was an incorrect ages for the suspects. Murphy emphasized the male suspect was arrested for escaping from a foster home and not for any charges in connection with the social media threats. The female was charged with five counts of inducing panic, a fifth-degree felony, and one count of making a terrorist threat, a third-degree felony.

Early Thursday, Murphy said both juveniles were in the custody of Ross County officials and were expected to appear in a Ross County court room later in the day.

Portsmouth School superintendent Scott Dutey said school officials were in immediate contact with law enforcement after learning of the threatening posts. He emphasized several times that the safety of students and staff was the utmost concern of school officials. He said at no time did law enforcement officials recommend closing any local schools, and all schools were open as usual this morning.