Collinsworth endorsed by Speaker of the House

By Joseph Pratt

It was announced this week that local business owner and community leader Gina Collinsworth (R) would be entering the political ring this year, meaning the 90th District Representative of Ohio could come from Scioto County, once Mr. Terry Johnson (R) reaches his term limit at the end of this year.

News spread fast and Collinsworth quickly gained her first formal endorsement, which came from high-ranking member of the Ohio GOP, Mr. Cliff Rosenberger, Ohio House Speaker.

He announced his decision of endorsement, due to Collinsworth leadership ability and her professional background.

“The drug epidemic is tearing away at the fabric of communities all over Ohio,” Rosenberger said in his endorsement. “We’ve had a great advocate for care and treatment in Representative Terry Johnson, and I can think of no one better to try and fill his shoes than Gina.”

Collinsworth is a lifelong resident of Southern Ohio, with a background in English and communications, education, and community development and awareness. She has taught youth from elementary to college, spent five years as the Community Relations and Development Director for The Counseling Center and Compass Community Health, and currently owns a music publishing business with her husband of 26 years, Larry Collinsworth.

“My family taught me to work hard, be fair, tell the truth, save for the future and give back. These family values guide me in every decision I make,” Collinsworth said. “I want to be our next State Representative, because this is a pivotal time for Southern Ohio. We have made good progress. Community leaders, citizens and business leadership, and people from all walks of life are coming together, to work together and tackle some tough issues. We have made progress, and I see this as my chance to give back and to help the community keep moving forward.”

Collinsworth said receiving such a large endorsement this early in a primary election has been a wonderful surprise and is using the support to generate steam for her campaign.

After a week of pushing her core beliefs of growing education and job opportunities, Gina said she is happy to not only receive his support, but support from various members of the party, including the blessing of Scioto County Republican Party Co-chairwoman Kay Reynolds.

“I am thrilled with Gina Collinsworth’s announcement of her candidacy,” Reynolds said. “I know she is going to start where State Representative Dr. Terry Johnson is leaving off in serving the people of the 90th District. She is a lifelong resident of Scioto County, and a business person who is well educated, holding both bachelor and Master of Arts degrees. She has a proven record of personal accomplishments. She has determination, motivation, as well as the ability to cooperate and is not afraid to share her deep religious beliefs with others. Gina and her husband, Larry, know the demands of serving the 90th District – the travel and long hours involved – and are committed to serving the people of Scioto, Adams, and Lawrence counties. She plans to be a full time State Representative. The future growth of our southern Ohio area is extremely important and this growth can only continue with the dedication and commitment of individuals like Gina.”

Collinsworth is not alone in running for the seat. Also running is Scioto County native Justin Pizzulli (R). The Portsmouth Daily Times will be running an exclusive on the announcement of his campaign next week.

By Joseph Pratt