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Bryan Davis

Bryan Davis

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On January 9th, Scioto County Commissioner Bryan Davis announced that he would be seeking re-election to the office of County Commissioner at the Republican Central Committee meeting.

Davis stated he wanted to continue the fight for Scioto County, and for the familes of Scioto County, and continue on making progress with a strong team of Commissioners.

“Four years ago, I started an amazing journey,” Davis said. “That journey started on a January day in 2014 when I announced my candidacy for Scioto County Commissioner. Through hard work and a great team of “Bryan Backers” we won that fight. Today, three years after winning that election, I am announcing “our” effort to seek re-election to be Scioto County Commissioner. The last three years have gone by so fast. Many great successes have occurred during these years. We will talk a lot about these on the campaign trail. Balanced budgets, a strong county fiscal position, strong representation and collaboration at all levels of government, a stronger economy, recreational opportunities for our families, and initiatives to clean up our communities, have been the building blocks for success and a brighter tomorrow. I want to continue the fight for Scioto County and our families. We have a strong team in the commissioner’s office and progress is happening. I ask for everyone’s support by voting to re-elect me, Bryan Davis, as your next Scioto County Commissioner.”

“As a part of the three member Scioto County Commissioner team including Mike Crabtree and Cathy Coleman, a lot of progress has been made and the county continues to enjoy a healthy financial portfolio. The number one job in the Commissioner’s job description is to keep the county fiscally sound. By law, the Commissioners act as the chief budgeting office of the county. In 2017, another balanced budget was achieved. The county ended with a $7.4 million carry-over. This was an increase over 2016. This was achieved in spite of the loss of over $600,000.00 fourth quarter permissive sales tax due to the restructured MCO Tax at the state level. In addition, there were huge pressures put on the general fund budget because of the opioid epidemic. Sound conservative fiscal management is the backbone to staying healthy. It takes a team to achieve this and we have a great team of elected officials and department heads helping to make this happen. With the MCO Tax elimination, we will need to watch our budget very closely. We have made preparations and plans are in place. While we wish we could fund every great idea that crosses our desks, we simply cannot due to funding limitations,” Davis said.

“At the Scioto County Fairgrounds, the commissioners helped fund the construction of a much needed Poultry & Rabbit Barn for 4-H. The old barn was beyond its life cycle. This project was funded out of the 2016 carryover preventing bank interest payments. This is a great example of what can be done when a county is fiscally healthy. The Earl Thomas Conley Riverside Park saw the opening of the brand new Doug Coleman Memorial Splash Pad. An additional multi-purpose/restroom facility was built to provide facilities in that part of the nearly 200 acre park. In just three months, the splash pad saw over 6000 visitors from our area and broader region. This expansion project provides much needed recreational opportunities for our citizens. Many say the children are our future. We think they are our NOW. More improvements are planned and 2018 is shaping up to be amazing!”

The Commissioners worked with Scioto County Engineer Darren LeBrun to provide matching funds for road re-surfacing in several townships. Over 52 roads were resurfaced as a result. The cooperation between the commissioners and the engineer’s office is making a difference.

The Commissioner’s office administered several CDBG (Community Development Block Grants) projects.

”New Boston Millbrook Park, Rush Township Tatman-Coe Road Paving, Morgan Townships June and Worstell Streets improvements, and the Shawnee State Golden Bears all received funding,” said Davis.

“The Scioto County Land Reutilization Corporation (Land Bank) went to work and acquired and demolished 45 houses, spending over $850,000 with multiple local contractors reducing blight and improving land values,” Davis said. “More houses will come down in 2018 putting properties back on the tax rolls, improving the look of our neighborhoods, and creating possible economic development opportunities. This project is a result of a successful application for NIP funds of $2.75 million dollars.”

The Commissioners are responsible for maintaining the courthouse and annex buildings. Several courthouse renovations occurred in 2017. The second floor jury room was built and additional security cameras installed throughout the courthouse increasing security. The first floor bathrooms received their first renovation in decades. New handicap accessibility and fixtures really spruced up the facilities. If you’ve never been in the courthouse, come and see. It’s the pride of Scioto County!

The Commissioners office led the charge with the City of Portsmouth on a successful application for CHIP (Community Housing Impact and Preservation) monies. $750,000 was awarded for 2018. These funds are awarded to qualified individuals who apply for much needed help to replace roofs, wheelchair ramps, windows, etc.

The commissioners funded the remodel of a building at the Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport. The FBO Portsmouth Aviation is planning to locate a new flight simulator at the Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport increasing aviation traffic into the airport seeking these services.

The Commissioners funded the remodel of the airport conference room providing an updated conference room for visitors and local businesses to use. Keep an eye on the airport, good things are coming.

The Sanitary Engineer’s office completed a new sewer line extension to the airport terminal building. The above projects are all part of a comprehensive plan to develop the properties around the airport in anticipation of the opening of the Veterans Memorial Highway in the Fourth Quarter of 2018. This will set the stage for the creation of much needed jobs.

“The Scioto County Commissioners assisted in paying for a much needed cruiser fleet replacement at the Scioto County Sheriff’s Department. The prior fleet was getting a lot of age on it due to the many years funding was unavailable. This funding in addition to NexGen911 and new phone funding in 2016 has greatly upgraded our law enforcement,” Davis said.

Davis wishes to continue making positive changes as a Scioto County Commissioner and plans to work hard in his efforts to seek re-election.

Bryan Davis
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Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932