Connex to begin Mound Park Project

By Kimberly Jenkins - [email protected]

Front of a pamphlet for project ROMP through Connex

Front of a pamphlet for project ROMP through Connex

Walking on the sidewalk or in the country and viewing everything around you can be very relaxing and enjoyable. However, in the immediate area, it can be hard-pressed to find a place, or a proper time at the said places in question, to enjoy such views.

However, the group Connex has a solution to this and a fantastic plan to make something wonderful out of something that has not been that way in a long time. In fact, Connex is going to bring Mound Park back to life with some terrific ideas that the public is going to love and will use daily.

Connex will be hosting the Annual Connex Update on Tuesday, Jan. 23rd at 5:30 p.m. The update will take place at the Holiday Inn Downtown in the large party room. (Those in attendance may order from the menu at their own expense if desired.)

”We have an annual meeting every year and this is our annual public meeting, but this meeting is special, because we received the Scioto Foundation Scioto 365 grant and we are going to announce our plans for our Project ROMP (Revitalize Our Mound Park),” Wendi Waugh, Vice President of Connex, said. “We’re really excited to reveal the plans for that. We’ll also be sharing with the public the accomplishments of Connex in 2017, our 2018 goals, and our new board members that will be elected that night. The public is invited to attend. We want everyone to get involved and see how they can help us improve the community and get moving.”

Project ROMP is supported through a collaborative effort of the Scioto Foundation Scioto 365 2017 Award, the City of Portsmouth, and Connex. The 365 Award from the Scioto Foundation is the first ever award and Connex won this award (grant).

The grant will allow Connex to build a paved path that goes through the Park.

“We are going to pave an activity path, with the idea that friends, family and neighbors can have a walking path and kids can possibly ride bikes on it,” Waugh said. “The city has pledged to do some lighting and security cameras and the Rotary and some other clubs are going to give help with some other things that are going to come along.”

“We are really gonna try to highlight the history of Mound Park, there are the mounds, that’s why it’s named Mound Park,” Waugh continued. “It is only a fraction of the original earthworks that were here in Scioto County, that were mapped back in the 1840’s. Connex has actually hired an Ohio Historical Archaeological firm that is doing some of the ground maturity of that ground and are going to identify the locations of the mounds. We‘ll have really good pictures of where those are. We are going to build a monument to talk about the history of the mounds and also to help support the building of the path. People can buy bricks and can buy a place on the bench there. A $10,000 or more sponsor will also be on the actual monument.”

Connex notes there is a lack of activity routes in our community for young children, families, and neighbors to gather and spend time learning activity basics such as riding a bicycle. The activity route is designed to be used by all people of all ages and abilities — from parents pushing strollers and children on tricycles to joggers, walkers, and those with handicap needs. The route will be relatively flat and at least eight feet in width.

Connex began in 2006 with SRT, a non-profit organization, that was created to develop bicycle trails in Scioto County and the Portsmouth area. Former president Linda Liner spearheaded a successful community-wide fundraising campaign, raising nearly $45,000 toward the project.

Liner moved away from the area, but SRT Board members Jeff Smith, Esther Downey, and Barb Bradbury continued the effort. The board has since been revised and the current board members are Barb Bradbury, President; Wendi Waugh, Vice President and Media Chair; Gina Chabot, Design Chair; Jeff Smith, Treasurer; Ellen Berry, Secretary; Esther Downey, Ben Davis, and Steve Rodeheffer. The group also decided that SRT needed to develop a name for the project. Several individuals had a hand in the overall branding of Connex.

Any donations to project ROMP are tax deductible. Donors may give to Project ROMP by visiting The fundraising campaign ends on May 1, 2018. Connex expects project completion by the end of 2018.

As spring sets upon this area, people will want to get out and smell the roses. And it’s possible that a nice place to do just that in the Portsmouth area is coming sooner rather than later.

Front of a pamphlet for project ROMP through Connex of a pamphlet for project ROMP through Connex

By Kimberly Jenkins

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins 740-353-3101 ext. 1928

Reach Kimberly Jenkins 740-353-3101 ext. 1928