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By Kimberly Jenkins - kjenkins@aimmediamidwest.com

Zach Sims

Zach Sims

Local Small businesses can be found throughout Portsmouth and the Scioto County area. If one is thinking about starting a small business, a group of people including a lawyer, is offering a course about this very thing. This course may also be of interest to someone who has just started a business or has a business and needs help improving this business.

The Scioto County Career and Technical Center along with Trinity Business Group and its #BE Scioto organization are bringing you #BE Ignited, which is a nine-week course designed to give aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners the fundamental tools they need to succeed.

Using a proven curriculum, which has produced thousands of successful graduates all around the United States, they will devote in and out of classroom time to help you maximize your success. Their focus is on fundamental needs all business owners have: idea and product validation, finance, marketing, legal, sales, and much more. The course focuses on both learning and implementation: participants learn essential concepts in these areas, and then immediately put them into action for their business.

Zack Sims, a local business coach with a background in tech, will facilitate the course. He explained, “The business I own now, (The Boneyfiddle Pie Factory), is just an extension of my passion for the city. I didn’t have to launch here, I could have launched anywhere, but this city means a lot to me.

One of the biggest things I see that is needed, is entrepreneurship. By knowing Sean Boldman and Matt Seifert, we felt this was something we could do, we have the right talent to put this together.”

Sims stated that he has been business coaching for about two years now, spoken a few places, mostly training and in some cases, he has done some motivational speaking.

“The major goal for me, is plant the seed of entrepreneurship, not necessarily to create businesses, but to get people thinking in terms that there is real possibility in the world,” said Sims. “That is just my personal mission in general and then the course is an extension of that.”

Sims stated their target is around 10 to 12 individuals and more than that would be hard for them to build a real relationship that is essential for the course and too little, would not start it off well.

“The (course) idea is more about them finding the path forward and someone guiding them, than teaching them core principles. They should leave that room, with a direction of how do I identify my customers? How do I take those lessons I’ve learned through the material and conversations with the other classmates and put them into real practice? And then, they will have a mentor as well. They can reach out to someone who has been there and has done it in the real world. Every week we will have a specific topic and we will bring a subject matter expert in, one week might be law and one might be marketing,”said Sims.

Matthew Seifert a lawyer, is one of the three people along with Sims, and Sean Boldman, who organized the Trinity Business side, and they partnered with Stan Jennings at the Scioto County Career Technical Center (SCCTC), to bring the course to the area. The class is being administered by BE Scioto, Inc., a not for profit corporation. The initial class is funded through private donations and SCCTC was able to use some grant money for it, allowing the registration fee to be only $50.00.

Seifert gives some insight on how the idea developed for a local program.

“A group called Mortar, started an entrepreneurship program in a neighborhood in Cincinnati, basically because the area was quickly developing and they wanted to make sure the local residents had an opportunity to have things necessary to be able to share in the economic success of their area. The whole idea of the course is basically, there are people out there who know how to do a certain thing, like bake pies, but that doesn’t mean they know how to start a pie business. So, this is an educational course that is designed to give them the essential business tools to be able to take an idea, develop it, validate it, and build those skills around it that could bring it to market.”

“The local #BE Ignited course, starts on January 6th,” Seifert continued, “then each week participants are given field work, basically tasks that they need to go out to and apply what they have been learning, rather than just writing notes each week. Along with, ideally, the connections they might need.”

Seifert talks about the longevity of the program, “We would like to see some kind of ongoing alumni where people who take the class in the future, would be able to reach out to those who have taken it in the past, to help get information and learn from their experiences.”

Someone in the local area who find themselves thinking of beginning a business and truly have no idea how to get started, may find that this new course, is just what they are looking for to get the help they need.

Seifert stated,”I feel that the future of the middle class depends on the entrepreneurs; people who build small and medium businesses, employing just a few people, it provides a more robust and broader based economy.”

The course is being held at the Scioto County Career Technical Center, call (740) 259-5522 to enroll. For more information you can also reach out through the Be Ignited event on Facebook, the Trinity Business Group social media page, or by emailing Matt@TownCal.org.

Zach Sims
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By Kimberly Jenkins


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