Impressive Studios captures memories while raising money throughout the community

By Kelsi Holstein

Kevin Hoops originally came to Portsmouth, Ohio for a photography job, and he has been capturing memories here ever since. 14 years ago he opened his own business, Impressive Studios, and has become an integral part of the community.

“I got a job here taking pictures, and then I’ve been here ever since working for those companies and then got lucky enough to open my own,” Hoops said.

Hoops began taking photos at an early age, and found his passion

“When I was 17 a friend saw an ad in the newspaper for a photography position and I went in and got the job that day, of course having no experience,” Hoops said. “I never knew what I would do.”

Hoops says capturing memories for people means everything to them.

“People just really appreciate what we do for them, being able to capture memories like that,” Hoops said. “I know I’ve had some cases where someone has passed away and they find out we have those photos and it just means more to them now that the person is gone, and it can really touch you when you find those cases.”

Not only does Hoops provide excellent photography to the community, he finds plenty of other ways to give back.

“We do a lot of fundraisers from helping girls with basketball homecoming who want to be the queen, up to people with cancer, and ball teams, we always do fundraisers and picture things to help with money,” Hoops said.

This year, Hoops also participated in Dancing With Our Stars, an event to raise money for the local American Red Cross. As a part of the event, Hoops helped raise almost $70,000.

“We just give back to the community and try to help out each other, we’re better together you know,” Hoops said.

Hoops says the community feels more like family to him.

“When I go into a school, or into a dance, or a homecoming or whatever people say my name or scream my name, that just makes you feel so good,” Hoops said. “To know you’re loved by people you barely know, or just do work for and then they love you like you’re family, so that’s the best part I think.”

By Kelsi Holstein