New Boston Police Giving gifts, not tickets

Officers gave to unexpected drivers and children passengers

By Kimberly Jenkins -

Red and Blue lights flashing in your back windshield, is that dreaded thing no one wants to see. However, this time some lucky New Boston citizens or others that were passing through New Boston, saw that light, and were asked to show their license, registration, and proof of insurance, just like any other traffic violation stop, yet got something unexpected.

The New Boston Police Department Officers pulled drivers over for traffic violations in New Boston, and instead of issuing tickets, the officers gave some of them either gas cards or gift cards and wished them “Merry Christmas.” This would be quite a turn from the normal, and most people would probably be surprised and overwhelmed.

Captain Robert Deerfield of the New Boston Police Department said, “ I would say they were surprised,” when speaking of how the drivers reacted after they were handed a gift, instead of a ticket. Deerfield said the officers were looking for the typical traffic violations such as speeders, red light runners, and stop sign or any type of traffic violation to pull the drivers over in the first place.

He said that they had given out 24 cards, from December 22nd, up and through Christmas Eve. After receiving these gifts from the officers, most people were really surprised and thanked the officers.

Captain Deerfield said how the whole thing happened was that he first approached the mayor, Junior Williams and asked if they could do it. Mayor Williams was fine with that, he said and thought it would be a great idea. They used the money for this, from the New Boston Police Department’s discrepancy fund of donated money to the Police Department. This was a way for the department to reach out, and at the the same time, help to assist in community relations. Deerfield said that actually, Mayor Williams went and purchased the gift cards for them. “We also handed out boxes of candy canes and fidget spinners to the kids who were in the cars.”

As an added response, Captain Deerfield said that New Boston Police Department wanted to shed a positive light on officers during the holidays.

The department wanted to thank GVapor in New Boston for donating the figet spinners to help their cause. Josh Gregory the owner of the local GVapor stores, said that they just wanted to give back to the community and that they had also donated to the Portsmouth Police Department for their shop with a cop, two cases of fidgets to the Shriners in Kentucky, and finally to Jackson for their Jam program. Gregory said, “kids they can’t help themselves, I always donate for kids and animals.”

Sparkles of light bring great joy during the Christmas holidays, but other light, like that red and blue usually does not, this time, the red and blue lights in that rear window brought something special to some thankful people during this holiday time. The New Boston Police Department showed proof of a ‘job well-done’ for this year’s holiday season.

Officers gave to unexpected drivers and children passengers

By Kimberly Jenkins

Reach Kimberly Jenkins 740-353-3101 ext. 1928

Reach Kimberly Jenkins 740-353-3101 ext. 1928