Veteran owned ‘Bar Benders’ opens

By Ivy Potter -

Tara Fite and Tyler Crisp in front of Bar Benders Supplement Shop.

Tara Fite and Tyler Crisp in front of Bar Benders Supplement Shop.

Saturday, December 9th, Bar Benders Supplement Shop opened at 1546 Gallia Street in Portsmouth. Owner, Tyler Crisp, has been involved in competitive body building for the past eight years, is nationally qualified, and is shooting for his Pro card next year.

Crisp is a native of Portsmouth, and attended Minford until his sophomore year before transferring and completing his education at Notre Dame. According to Crisp, he first began training his freshman year of High School.

“It’s always been my passion,” Crisp said.

Crisp is a combat veteran, having served in the Army for nine years, with a thirteen month tour in Iraq. Crisp was in the military police company attached to the 25th infantry division when he went to Iraq, and will be offering discounts for military veterans, and first-responders (police, fire, EMS).

Crisp is hoping his business will be a strong competitor of other supplement shops in the area. Aside from offering special discounts not available at other stores, Crisp has also personally selected the companies and brands the store carries to ensure the best quality products are being offered.

“We have pretty much everything. There’s not much that is not here. I made sure to carry every type of product that you would want. Every company that we carry is a hand selected company, I picked each brand out because it is at least the best in the industry in one product,” Crisp said. “Every product is a good product, every brand is good brand.”

Crisp wants to use his personal experience in the industry to inform customers on making the right purchases.

“I’ve been in the industry for many years, I’ve very knowledgeable on these types of products. I feel like the area needed someone who they can come to with questions. I think many people are uninformed about these products, when you come in here you can talk to me and I can speak from personal experience and tell you what I like and don’t like about brands and products.” Bar Benders wants to weed out hype products, by focusing on quality. “I’m not receiving any kickbacks from selling certain products like some of my competitors. I can give unbiased opinions on the quality of different products without swaying them into particular products just to make extra money,” Crisp said.

“I’m from this community, I grew up here. I’m a local business owner that wants to help customers find the right product that fits their needs. Unlike big corporations, I care about assisting the customer.”

Crisp’s girlfriend, Tara Fite, along with the support of many others is what allowed Crisp to open his shop. “There were several people that came together to make this possible,’” Crisp said.

Bar Benders current hours of operation are 10 a.m-6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, with plans to extend hours later on.

Tara Fite and Tyler Crisp in front of Bar Benders Supplement Shop. Fite and Tyler Crisp in front of Bar Benders Supplement Shop.

By Ivy Potter

Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932

Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932