A ‘glimpse’ at a local author

By Ivy Potter - ipotter@aimmediamidwest.com

Lisa Mathisen grew up in West Portsmouth, and was surrounded by gifted and talented writers and educators during her childhood. Her father, being a grade school principal and her mother being a teacher at the high school, Mathisen and her siblings all had excellent guidance from their parents and each developed a talent and appreciation for writing.

After graduating from high school, Mathisen kept writing as a hobby and chose to spend her first few months out of school traveling Europe by train. Along her journeys, Mathisen met a man from Denmark and the two were married. Mathinsen remained in Denmark for the next 13 years, before returning to Columbus, Ohio, where she resides currently, and beginning a job that required her to travel around the world once again.

Two years ago, in 2015, Mathinsen decided to turn her lifelong hobby into something more. After receiving a great deal of support from followers and friends on her Facebook page, Mathinsen began to write Flash Fiction.

“I like to make my stories a quick and easy read,” Mathinsen said. “A lot of people in this age of social media have shorter attention spans and are used to things like Facebook and Twitter posts, and want a lot of information in a short period of time. People really seem to like this genre, where they can get a complete story, or glimpse as I call them, which is like a scene from someone’s life where you can get the complete story in just two or three pages.”

Mathinsen composes the stories into anthologies with each one centered around a different genre.

“I draw a lot of things in my work from people I’ve met or experiences I’ve had during my travels and experiences I’ve had with other cultures,” Mathinsen said. “That’s what makes it possible to write all these stories I write.”

Mathinsen is currently the author of eight books, with her newest entitled “Glimpse of America”, which was originally intended to be released around July 4th, 2018, but in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, Mathinsen felt compelled to write the story sooner.

“People felt really upset and torn, I felt it would be a good book to write now to bring people together. After the floods, and hurricanes and fires of this past summer people had a lot of raw emotions, like we’ve taken a battering. People really felt like we needed something uplifting and uniting,” Mathinsen said. “This story is just about how strong, resilient, and brave American’s are. These are just stories that will make you feel good about being an American, regardless of background.”

An import element to all of Mathinsen’s stories are her homages to her Appalachian roots.

“I try to create heartwarming characters to give a better image of Appalachia, because so often in media they are portrayed so negatively,” Mathinsen said. “I try to create loving and heartwarming characters that contradict those stereotypes.”

Mathinsen is currently partnering with Sharron Bauru, a Texas illustrator, to turn a story from her book “Creature” into a video. The pair are collaborating on that project and Mathinsen is excited to see one of her favorite stories come to life, visually.


By Ivy Potter


Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932

Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932