Group donates thanksgiving meals

By Ivy Potter -

(Left to right) Jesica Payne and Jacklyn Brisker carrying donations.

(Left to right) Jesica Payne and Jacklyn Brisker carrying donations.

On November 19th, Sandy Brisker and Jacklyn Brisker took donated and collected food items to the Mended Reeds Women’s Transition Home in Ironton. The Briskers, as part of the Life Point Wednesday night group, chose the home to sponsor for the Thanksgiving holiday. Donations by individuals within the group, as well as Life Point Church, were collected and used to purchase a wide variety of grocery items, along with some basic cooking supplies and common household necessities.

The home is separated into two units, with roughly ten women and three children residing in the home.

Although these women receive some basic support, for many a proper thanksgiving meal would not have been possible without the donations.

“We were able to bring both units each a ham, yams, corn, mac and cheese, pumpkin pies, and Christmas cookies, among some other items. Over $200 worth of food was purchased on behalf of the women and children residing in the home and they were extremely grateful to receive these items,” said Sandy Brisker.

“It makes your heart so full to be able to help someone who needs a little help getting on their feet. These girls are just people who have made a wrong choice somewhere along the road and are working hard to get their lives back.”

For Jacklyn Brisker, the transition home is a cause close to her heart. Just last year Jacklyn herself was living in the home, relying on the same generosities during a difficult time.

“It’s wonderful to be where I am now. I’m able to enjoy the holidays with my family and be surrounded by my nieces and nephews without being dependent on any substances,” said Jacklyn.

“I think it’s important to take the time to enjoy the holidays. Time is precious. Last year I was in the same shoes as these women and now I’m able to give back to them with the support of my mother and my church.”

Jesica Payne, who is currently residing in the home was very thankful for the kind donations from the Life Point group, as well as the support from the Briskers.

“They are truly wonderful people, the women here are all really thankful to be in the thoughts of so many people during the holidays. Some of them without families to be with on Thanksgiving and wouldn’t have anywhere to go. We’re planning on having a big meal at the house and all eating together, we’re all just one big family here.”

(Left to right) Jesica Payne and Jacklyn Brisker carrying donations. to right) Jesica Payne and Jacklyn Brisker carrying donations.

By Ivy Potter

Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932

Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932