County hires Economic Development Director

Staff Report

The Scioto County Commissioners announced Tuesday the appointment of Robert Horton as Scioto County Economic Development Director, effective immediately.

Horton studied construction technology at North Florida University. Horton’s education also includes contract law, mechanical drafting, and sales & marketing. Horton has a combined 46 years of development, contracting, supervision and project management experience, having personally been involved in over $180 million in development projects over the last 15 years alone.

These projects include but are not limited to aviation, railroad, marine port, commercial, healthcare, financial and automotive sectors. Horton leaves a successful career at the Dana B. Kenyon Company of Jacksonville, Florida where he supervised and oversaw project management at sites all across the United States.

Horton at one time also owned his own construction company in Gastonia, North Carolina. He lives in Rarden with his wife Lioubov, having moved to the area from Florida three years ago. They have two children and two grandchildren.

Horton will begin work immediately acquainting himself with other regional economic development professionals, government and business officials. Horton is excited to get to work attracting new high paying jobs, while also working with local business owners to grow our existing economy.

Horton joins a strong group of professionals, conducting economic development activities in the Commissioners’ office. These include, Michele Throckmorton, director of the Scioto County Land Reutilization Corporation and Scioto County Grant Administrator; Angie Malone, flood plain manager who also works to coordinate Scioto County Planning Commission activities; Commissioner Clerk Jenn Kish, and Deputy Clerks Annetta Newman and Amanda Howard, who assist when needed on larger projects.

It is the vision of the Scioto County Commissioners to see a dynamic team working together, focused on economic development in Scioto County and the region. The Commissioners believe this is a new, fresh start for Scioto County.

The Commissioners will be setting up Horton’s personal communications in the next couple days and they will advise of all of his contact information ASAP. The Scioto County Economic Development Office is located in room 404 next to the Scioto County Engineer’s Office on the 4th floor in the Scioto County Courthouse.

Staff Report