ASC Bus Service to hold shuttle for DTWC fans

Runs Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

By Kevin Colley -

When visiting any town for a special event or promotion that is being offered, it never hurts to visit the amenities available at said town in order to obtain and gather a better knowledge of the surroundings around if a return visit is set for the near future.

As part of the upcoming Dirt Track World Championships that will be held at Portsmouth Raceway Park from Thursday through Saturday, Access Scioto County (ASC), in conjunction with racetrack officials, will be holding a Pit Stop shuttle service for PRP campers from Wednesday to Saturday.

The service, which will run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Wednesday through Saturday and will feature 11 different pit stops during each of the four days, will be free of charge to DTWC campers.

For Scioto County Visitors Bureau Director Kim Bauer and Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Lisa Carver, the pit stops — which is an idea that is in its second season of business — are an excellent way for individuals to visit their favorite amenities from years past or get to see new businesses that haven’t been tried before.

“It’s a great service that Access Scioto County is going to offer,” Carver said. “It started last year, and it was a little slow taking off because people just didn’t know about it yet. We’re hoping that with this being the second year of the event, that they’ll know more about it and utilize the service more in order to visit Portsmouth.”

“It’s a wonderful service that is being offered again this year,” Bauer said. “A few people, toward the end of the (shuttle service) got a hold of it last year, and this year, I believe that it will be even better.”

The stops, which allow campers to visit businesses such as the Portsmouth Brewing Company, the Scioto Ribber, and Buffalo Wild Wings, among other places, gives people an opportunity to enjoy a scenic view of Portsmouth in the process instead of having to walk multiple blocks from, and back to, the race track.

”Most people come in with campers, so they don’t have cars to travel around and see the surrounding areas,” Carver said. “They’ll walk into downtown, but to actually get out and go further out into the community with the buses will be a great thing because those buses will give people further access to those places that they haven’t had in previous years.”

In addition to the walking and extra time that is saved via the shuttles — which will run multiple times from Wednesday through Saturday — the individuals that use the shuttle service will get a gift bag, which includes a Portsmouth Raceway Park Race Tab among additional information. The tab, which was designed by the Daily Times, includes features on Jeremy Cooper and Brayden Berry.

“It’s a great impact on the entire community,” Bauer said. “It’s a revenue-generator. People will also have a map in hand with the gift bags that have been put together for the event. It’s a great idea.”

According to both Bauer and Carver, Portsmouth Raceway Park PR Donna Rayburn has been parking campers since the beginning of the weekend. Campers, according to PRP, can board the shuttles at the camping registration area and can be transported to their preferred pit stop. Shuttles will return campers to PRP once per hour from their respective pit stops.

The full pit stops are listed below.

Pit Stop 1

  • Portsmouth Brewing Company

  • Fork and Finger Restaurant

Pit Stop 2

  • Market Square

  • Market Street Cafe

Pit Stop 3

  • Patties and Pints

Pit Stop 4

  • Toro Loco Mexican Restaurant

Pit Stop 5

  • Kroger

Pit Stop 6

  • Scioto Ribber Restaurant

Pit Stop 7

  • Fred’s Pizza Express

  • Patsy’s Inn

Pit Stop 8

  • Bob Evans Restaurant

Pit Stop 9

  • Buffalo Wild Wings

Pit Stop 10

  • Tim Horton’s

Pit Stop 11

  • CVS Pharmacy

  • Rapid Fired Pizza

For more information about the Dirt Track World Championships, check out a future edition of the Daily Times or go to

Runs Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

By Kevin Colley