Cavern Of Choices works to change lives

By Ivy Potter -

Inside the Cavern

Inside the Cavern

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Scenes from the Cavern of Choices, focused around faith.

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Saturday, October 14th, White Gravel Mines in Minford held their first weekend of their 7th Annual Cavern of Choices. The Cavern of Choices, an eye opening experience targeting teenagers and adults who are struggling with, or need reminded of, the importance of faith and the value of having a loving relationship with God, takes place deep within the heart of the tangling web of caves.

The Cavern of choices takes visitors down a path of decisions that can lead someone away from God, and demonstrates how those choices impact your fate. The scenarios range from drunk driving, drug use, alcohol abuse and violence to flirting with evil forces, and spreading inappropriate images.

The 45 minute long tour, lead by a demon guide, walks visitors through a mock “Hell” and concludes with each person being giving a second chance to build a relationship with God before their true judgement day comes.

Since acquiring the property nine years ago, Mindy Martin and husband Tom, have turned the mine around from what used to be a sort of “Devil’s Playground” to a life changing experience designed to make people question what will happen when they face their judgement day. In the last six years of operation, the Cavern of Choices has seen approximately 8,000 individuals, with close to a thousand people saying the experience has changed their lives forever.

“Our main purpose is to share the good news,” Mindy Martin, co-owner of the mines, said. “We’re here to give something back to the community for free and show them the better choices that are out there for them. What they see here are a lot of real life choices people are faced with everyday, we are showing them a behind the scenes look at how Satan likes to influence us to make wrong choices, but how we ultimately have the final say in the choices we make. The guides are demon guides and educate people on the evil ways they operate, and we end with sharing the good news that there is still time to make the right choices.”

“We’ve been doing this for years now, we’ve seen a lot of lives changed here,” Bryan Davis, of White Gravel Mines, said. “This is perfect for our community, especially with the addiction issues we face here. It’s not only a preventative measure where people see what could happen if you get wrapped up in this things, it’s a reactive measure where people come and see these things and we offer them Jesus. It’s a wonderful group of people that make this possible,”

The Cavern of Choices is made possible by the great amount of support received from Rubyville Community Church and community support.

“It takes a lot of people to make it work, and a great big God. It’s been amazing,” said Martin.

Donna Mustard and Teresa Montgomery, first time visitors of the Cavern of Choices were moved by their experience within the mines.

“I think this a wonderful thing for the times we’re in. It’s what’s really happening in the world, it had me in tears,” said Montgomery.

“It would be really good to see for any Christian, if you aren’t up to par with where you should be it really makes you think and want to get where you should be,” said Mustard.

Aside from the Cavern of Choices, White Gravel Mines also hosts extreme trail runs and their newly established Christmas Cave which brought in 21,000 visitors in its first season.

The Cavern of Choices will be operating for one more Saturday, October 21st, from 3-11 pm spreading the Lord’s message for free with anyone interested.

Inside the Cavern the Cavern Submitted photo

Scenes from the Cavern of Choices, focused around faith. from the Cavern of Choices, focused around faith. Submitted photo photo

By Ivy Potter

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Reach: Ivy Potter (740)353-3101 Extension 1932