Scioto Gives Day of Giving is Thursday

By Kimberly Jenkins -

SCIOTO GIVES — The Day for giving is upon us! — Thursday, October 19, 2017

The region is filled with nonprofit organizations that put in countless hours of work year-round to make the area a better place. From assisting homeless people to homeless pets, from education to artistic opportunities and everything between, it is that time of year again for many of these organizations to reap the benefits of matched donations, thanks to the staff at the Scioto Foundation.

The Scioto Foundation offers many opportunities for community development, from scholarships to watching over endowment funds. They will be matching incoming donations to their registered nonprofit organization accounts this year with the annual Scioto Gives event, set for Oct. 19, 2017. You have 12 hours to make your donation between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Throughout the 12-hour period, they will post how well the nonprofits are doing on Facebook and Twitter. Some of the nonprofit organizations that benefit from donations from Scioto Gives are: The Ohio River Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross, Time Out for Me, Inc., The CAO Dental Center, The United Way of Scioto County, Goodwill Industries of Southern Ohio, Inc. (GISO), Main Street of Portsmouth, The Potter’s House, Portsmouth Area Beautification Society, Southern Ohio Performing Arts Association (SOPAA), Community Partners of Shawnee Mental Health, and others listed below. The Portsmouth Daily Times has been highlighting these organizations each Saturday, until the Scioto Gives Collection Day, and asked these organizations how Scioto Gives helps them. This is the last Saturday, as Scioto Gives, Day of Giving, is this Thursday, October 19, 2017! (Instructions on giving listed in this paragraph above)

The Ohio River Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross

Debbie Smith from our local Red Cross says, that, what the Red Cross does, is when there is a disaster, that threatens or strikes, the Red Cross is there to help people that are affected by the disasters, and on average, our local Red Cross responds to over 200 disasters a year, helping typically over 700 to 800 hundred people a year and then of course. “We also we, install the free smoke alarms and when we install those, we also go over fire safety with those families and about them having an emergency escape plan and important things like that. And we installed 1771 free smoke alarms in the past year. We also teach first aid and CPR and AED classes to help make our community safer. And in the past year, we also, do like emergency messages to those in the armed forces and we were able to provide 178 military actions between those in the military and their families here at home. We also do blood drives, which is very important, because blood drives save lives and we typically conduct over 150 blood drives a year, collecting over 4,000 units of blood every year, which can save up to 12,000 lives.

Scioto Gives is very important to us because, it is helping us to plan for our future with The American Red Cross. You know for an organization that’s been here for 100 years, we are looking forward to the next 100 years and to be able to continue to help those in our community, by these funds, that is funds we are able to put aside for the future of the Red Cross. We love it! (Scioto Gives), it makes your dollars go a lot further.

Time Out For Me, Inc. is a program developed and directed by Marcia Harris. Marcia has spent over 20 years building on this program. Marcia holds a Bachelor’s Degree (B.A.) in Psychology, Master’s Degree (M.A.) in Community counseling, and is an adjunct professor at Shawnee State University. Time Out For Me, Inc. is located in Portsmouth, Ohio, a small community in Appalachia. We currently have a Facebook page where you can visit and live vicariously through the youth and their endeavors. Click on this link to be taken to the page.

Time Out For Me Inc. is dedicated to positively impacting our youth through enhancing their self-esteem, self-confidence, and effective communication skills through individual and group sessions as well as exposure to educational and cultural events to increase their awareness of future career opportunities adding value to the youth, family, and community.

Time Out For Me, Inc. guides disadvantaged youth in their everyday skills. The youth travel each year to a couple of colleges to expose themselves to the college environment. TOFM is dedicated to enhancing the lives of our youth and we believe every young person deserves the opportunity to attend college or seek higher education.

The CAO Dental Center offers comprehensive dental care to people of all ages. We accept Medicaid, private insurance and private pay patients. We also have reduced fees for low income individuals and families. Our office is located in the beautiful and easily accessible Carousel Center at 1112 Gallia Street in downtown Portsmouth. The dental center operates 40 hours per week. We are open Monday through Thursday from 8-5:00 and Friday from 8-2:00. Our staff, including two full-time dentists, are experienced, compassionate and motivated. Our mission is to provide a dental home to meet the individual needs of the people of Scioto County. We envision a day when all of our patients leave the center understanding how to care for their own dental needs.

The United Way of Scioto County is a voluntary, private, non-profit corporation that consists of a volunteer Governing Board of Trustees and a small salared staff that consists of an Executive Director and a Office Manager who provide support, assistance and professional advice to the many volunteers and individuals in the community.

The United Way of Scioto County is here working in your community. The United Way continues to support and provide programs and services to individuals of your community. Through United Way, your dollars will be utilized to work for the common good of the Scioto County area. Please remember us this year and donate to the United Way!

Goodwill Industries of Southern Ohio, Inc. (GISO) was chartered by the state as a non-profit, charitable organization on September 16, 1977.

For more than a century, volunteers have advanced Goodwill’s ability to improve lives, families and communities. We recognize that in order to fulfill our mission, we need the help and support of those in local communities. Goodwill is led by a board of volunteer leaders who help shape their organizations work to meet the needs of their community. Our valued volunteers contribute their time, knowledge and support in a variety of ways.

Main Street Portsmouth is a nonprofit in downtown Portsmouth, which oversees a vast list of goals for community development. Organization highlights include a huge design program that reinvests over $50,000 into beautification a year and hosts more than 55 events. They also operate many programs designed to assist small businesses sustain and grow, as well as foster a welcoming environment for new business to come into the area. The group operates off memberships from businesses and members of the community, as well as a few fundraising efforts and grants. It also receives a major portion of support from the City of Portsmouth, OSCO, Southern Ohio Medical Center, and Glockner Family of Dealerships.

The Potter’s House is a compassionate ministry centered from the church of the Nazarene. They have a lot of social services. They are the largest food pantry in Scioto County. This, being the main thing they do. Last year they served over 30,000 people, two hundred tons of food, it is a huge operation, and that’s just the pantry.

The Potters house is its own tax exempt organization and they have a board of directors. the board of directors are elected members of the church of the Nazarene. The board oversees it with Rev. Benner and with the all the ministries of the church and with the director of Potter’s house, Anita Casper. Rev. Garinger added that as for the food pantry, “we serve all of Scioto County and for the other services, it is basically for anyone.”

Portsmouth Area Beautification Society

Mission: To improve our living environment through beautification.

Programs and Services: Maintaining Tracy Park for the use of concerts, community gatherings, fundraisers and weddings.

The mission of the Southern Ohio Performing Arts Association (SOPAA) is to provide an affordable variety of outstanding performing arts presentations to enrich, educate, and entertain the people of the Tri-State area.

History of SOPAA: The history of bringing professional performers to Scioto County dates back to the early 20th Century when a local auxiliary organization began presenting concerts. This practice grew to become an organization itself, known as Civic Music under whose auspices many renowned artists were heard by local audiences. Then, in the 1950’s, came the alliance with Columbia Artists Management, Inc. of New York (CAMI) and it was called “Southern Ohio Community Concerts Association.” This represented a more structured approach and a much broader ‘menu’ from which the local association could choose their program.

The SOPAA Board of Trustees would like to thank the many companies, organizations, and grantors for their support. (Scioto Gives)Their generosity helps to make it possible for SOPAA to fulfill its mission statement: to provide an affordable variety of outstanding performing arts presentations to enrich, educate, and entertain the people of the Tri-State area.

Community Partners of Shawnee Mental Health, is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with behavioral health care needs by raising and granting funds to support the communities of Adams, Lawrence and Scioto Counties.

Funds raised by Community Partners help people impacted with mental illness lead more enjoyable and comfortable lives. Your contribution can help improve the quality of life of people with mental illness.

You can help The Community Partners of Shawnee Mental Health Center, Inc. endowments grow each year by making a tax deductible contribution to one of our endowments: Community Partners of Shawnee Mental Health Center, Inc.

Organizational Endowment Scioto Foundation (Scioto Gives)

P.O. Box 911 Portsmouth, OH 740-354-4612

Other organizations that work with Scioto Gives: The Counseling Center, Portsmouth Wind Symphony, The CAY Endowment Fund, Catholic Social Services, and Compass Point Housing.

*Some organizations listed, contained information from their websites.

By Kimberly Jenkins

Reach Kimberly Jenkins 740-353-3101 ext. 1928

Reach Kimberly Jenkins 740-353-3101 ext. 1928