Commissioners approve software upgrade

By Chris Slone -

The Scioto County Commissioners approved an agreement with Software Solutions Inc., to update the County’s accounting and payroll system.

The overall cost of the project is $231,000. However, there will be an additional cost of $25,000 to update the hardware system.

According to Scioto County Commissioner Bryan Davis, Software Solutions Inc., offers an interest free, extended payment plan. The plan will give the County the ability to make payments for the upgrade, to the tune of $68,700 for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

The hardware cost of $25,000 will be tacked onto the 2018 payment, making the County responsible for $93,700 next year.

There is 10 percent due up front, which amounts to $22,900.

“They are really spreading it out, which is really great for us,” Davis said.

According to Davis, County Auditor Dave Green will be able to make the upfront payment with funds already budgeted through his office.

“From what I read, it’s a really good deal for the County,” Davis said. “It’s one of the best ones I’ve seen actually. The potential it has to save is huge. Just from reading the front page of this proposal, what it’s going to do for efficiencies. These are the kinds of things that are key when we’re looking at potential cuts in our budget … “

Davis said the County’s IT department signed off on the agreement and reassured the Commissioners that everything “looks good.”

The new system will allow every county office to check their budget with the auditor on a daily basis. It’s been referred to has an online banking account. Once the bills are paid, every office will be able to see how much money they have left with the click of a button.

With the current system, Davis said the auditor’s office is calling every department to notify them of low funds.

“That causes reactive issues because then all of the sudden we are rushing to get it through meetings and everything else,” Davis said. “We need to be proactive. Also, if you don’t have visibility, you lose track. It causes problems. This is going to help that.”

Davis said has budget cuts are still lingering, this proposal is what the Commissioners are looking for in terms of saving money.

“These kinds of things are what we are looking for,” Davis said. “Sometimes you have to spend money to save money, long term. These are the kinds of things we are looking for from our office holders and they’ve been doing this. From the ones that run various departments to come to us and say, ‘You know, with technology, we could actually save money.’ Sometimes you have to spend that money upfront to get there.”

By Chris Slone

Reach Chris Slone at 740-353-3101, ext 1927, or on Twitter @crslone.

Reach Chris Slone at 740-353-3101, ext 1927, or on Twitter @crslone.