Garden Club fall regional meeting

Staff Report

Garden Clubs from Lawrence, Pike and Scioto Counties have scheduled a Regional Meeting for Oct. 19, hosted by Minford and Green Triangle Garden Clubs at the Shawnee Lodge on SR 104. The meeting theme will be “Celebrate Autumn”. Beverly Norman, Out-going Regional Director will open the morning business session and then pass the gavel to the new Regional Director, Sheila Tackett, Ironton Garden Club. OAGC President Geri Rhea will attend the festivities.

A Fall Flower Show, “Fall Miracle” is scheduled with six Design Categories and three Horticultural Display divisions, along with Educational and Invitational Exhibits. The show will be judged with appropriate ribbons awarded.

Pam Roberts, will presented the morning program, “ Compost Can Impact Poverty”. She advocates a process known as “Bokashi”. Handouts and books will be available.

Following lunch, OAGC Master Designer, Juanita Wilkins will demonstrate floral design. As an artist, Wilkins believes that floral design is an art form and should follow design criteria. She will design several floral creations, and explain her mechanics as she works. Several sales tables will be available and club baskets will be raffled.

All garden clubs are invited and reservations must be made to Diane Reese, PO Box 52; McDermott, OH.45652 before October 13.


The Lucasville garden club met at the newly refurbished home of Melanie hawk, in the historic area of Lucasville. Laquita Abrams and Becky Smith served as meeting hostesses.

The Hawk house, which was built in 1937, is located on the site of the first Lucasville High School. The original owner was Esto Davis, a Valley teacher, who was also a photographer and watch repairman. The house is constructed of bricks, including some from the foundation of the old school. In later years Davis’ daughter operated a bed and breakfast and gift shop at home. It is truly a Lucasville treasure, and Hawk plans to honor its historic background.

Joan Adaway opened the business meeting, welcoming guests, Jane Thayer, Principal of Valley High School, and Darren LeBrun, Scioto County Engineer.

Adaway received the business reports and made announcements. In the past it has been the responsibility of the Lucasville Garden Club to tend and maintain the SR23/348 gardens. Mr. LeBrun is offering the assistance and services of his facility in a joint effort on the SR23/348

Gardens. And Thayer is pledging to join the garden club in a partnership, involving the Future Farmers of America, sponsored by Rich Sherman at Valley High School, and those involved in the STAR Program. to help refurbish, improve, and maintain the northern garden spot where the bypass begins. Adaway appointed a club committee to make specific plans that will involve the new community partners. Lucasville is ready for progress, as the new Veterans Memorial Highway opens and community spirit and cooperation are most welcomed.

Adaway provided information on the October Regional Meeting at Shawnee Lodge and welcomed a new member, Melinda Arrick.

Slocum Garden Club

Like holiday promotions that begin months prior to the event, gardeners must think about the Spring garden in the Fall.

Carla Scifres presented a program on spring bulbs and distributed crocus and grape hyacinth bulbs to all. She had available Garden Gate Magazine’s top nine 2017 out-of-the-ordinary tulips. Featured tulips were fringed, horned, parrot and lily flowered, peony or double flowered types, those with multiple blooms, black or green colors and with fancy foliage. Names and sources were shared. She also had tips for growing terrific tulips: 1. When purchasing bulbs, look for unblemished bulbs that feel heavy, 2. Store the bulbs in dry and cool (50-70 degrees F) areas and avoid stored fruits and vegetables, which produce ethylene gas, resulting in bulbs without bloom; 3. Bulbs, ideally should be planted just after the first frost in

the Fall in well-drained soil rich in organic matter; 4. Plants do best in full sunlight, and in areas that remain dry in the summer months; 5. Planting depths are: 4-6 inches deep for small bulbs and 6-8 inches deep for large bulbs; 6. To discourage voles, apply mulch in the Spring, as the voles will nest in the mulch; 7. Discourage hungry critters by laying chicken wire over the planted bulb and/or apply rabbit or deer repellent when planting the bulb; 8. Sprinkle a granular 10-10-10 fertilizer or dress the top with compost in the spring.

A homemade repellent can be made of 1 tsp. cayenne pepper, 1/2 tsp. mild liquid soap, and 1 quart of warm water.

The September meeting was long and colorful, occurring at Hillview Retirement Campus, with member Brooks Sexton presiding as tour guide. Hillview grounds are beautifully tended and members toured well appointed gardens and paths that lead the visitor to the pond area, with garden benches and circular gazebo, reminding one of a scene from “The Sound of Music”. The day also offered a wonderful meal and an opportunity to shop for treasures at Hillview’s tiny but well-stocked bargain store.

September is end of the Garden Club year, and Diane Reese, President thanked members for their participation in the Scioto County Fair’s flower shows. Appreciation was extended area merchants and individuals who contributed to the club’s summer activities, notably Gerlach Farm and Feed, Lady Bug Nursery and Portsmouth’s Public Service Department.

Activity Reports included: Mary Lou Beaumont reported that she and Teresa Book, Kathy Chapman, Joyce Bays, Rebecca Holt, Sue Leadingham, Carla Scifres and Carol McCain directed residents of River Bend House Assisted Living Center, Wheelersburg, in creating bouquets from flowers from the August 10 Scioto County Fair Flower Show, later displayed in the center’s reception and dining area.

Other members shared their experiences in attending a picnic and wildflower walk September 12 at Lake Vesuvius, sponsored by the Rock Hill and Ironton Garden Clubs. They encouraged everyone to visit this local National Park, which offers quality trails, a beautiful lake, signage and diverse flora and fauna.

Plans were finalized for an October 6 reception at the home of member Beverly Norman, out-going Director of Region 10, Ohio Association of Garden Clubs. The occasion will honor Norman’s exemplary performance as Director. Invitations have been sent to all Region 10 members. The club will display a quilt made by member Joyce Bays to be raffled off at the October 19 Regional Meeting at Shawnee State Park Lodge.

Members were encouraged to attend the Regional Meeting on October 19 and participate in the flower show.

Did you know a coleus plant can become a tree? Members bought tiny coleus plants at Daniel’s Greenhouse in McDermott in May and nurtured and pruned them throughout the summer months. Teresa Book, Carla Scifres, Diane Reese, Mary Lou Beaumont and Irene Duffney brought their specimens to the meeting for judging. Beaumont’s 26” coleus “tree” was judged best with respect to its form and height.

New officers for the 2017-2019 program year period were installed: Carla Scifres Scifres, President, Joyce Bays, Vice-President, Beverly Norman, Secretary, Sue Leadingham, Treasurer and Rebecca Holt, Corresponding Secretary. Brooks Sexton and Mary Lou Beaumont will direct the club’s publicity efforts. The 2017-18 program year begins with a Halloween-themed meeting October 6 at the home of Beverly Norman. This is an excellent time to join a garden club. Contact 740-357-9046 for information.

Staff Report