Pastor’s Pantry shares the gospel of good taste

By Ivy Potter - [email protected]

Pastor Sam Peters prepares a meal.

Pastor Sam Peters prepares a meal.

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An entree from Pastor's Pantry.

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A special meal from Pastor Sam Peter's Kitchen.

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The Pastor’s Pantry Cooking School, in Wheelersburg, Ohio, began an as accidental business and quickly grew in popularity to host two to three sold out shows per week and private parties with more than 200 five star reviews.

In June of 2016, chef and local pastor Sam Peters, along with his wife Joyce, decided to host their first live cooking show in their industrial kitchen, which was meant to be a lab of sorts for creating new hot sauces and barbeque sauces for their existing company Patter Fam Sauces.

“The factory construction was delayed, but the kitchen was finished,” Said Peters. “We decided to utilize the space in the meantime and have a live cooking show. I had been doing food demonstrations and food shows around the state as part of Ohio Proud for some time.”

Pastor Sam Peters had worked as a line chef all throughout high school and college, and saw the Cooking School opportunity as his next big culinary challenge.

The cooking show was so popular, that the classes continued on and grew tremendously in size.

“Today our audience is between 12-20 people, they reserve a seat online and then become part of our studio audience. We cook and teach,” said Peters.

Each two hour class features a unique menu, and serves up a three course meal for the audience ranging from Asian, Italian and Latin America to domestic styles of Barbecue, Cajun and Lowlands cuisines.

The Cooking School also hosts a special Chef’s Choice event which features 7 courses, and lasts three hours, and gives Peters the chance to really show off his cooking skills.

“Our job is to share with them the gospel of good taste, which revolves around two points. The first point is, we believe is that everything is about stewardship. Every good and perfect gift we have given to us is from god and food is no different. Food is a gift. Some farmer worked very hard to provide this food for our table. One question we always ask is, “are you doing everything you can to make every dining experience great?” If not, we hope to be able to help you do that. The second part of the gospel of good taste is that we believe god created us to be in community with one another. We are social beings. Social, we believe, has more to do with sitting around a table with people you know and love breaking bread together than it does about posting pictures on social media. We have lost the art of being able to have social dining. We have forgotten how to each together,” said Peters.

“Part of what we’re trying to do with the gospel of good taste it to get people around the table again, where they can build relationships and communicate with one another. Food is that great bridge that brings us all together”.

Those who visit Pastor’s Panty Cooking School come with an open mind, and leave with a full stomach.

“My experience at Pastor’s Pantry/Patterfam’s has been the ultimate gourmet experience. I’ve found Sam’s knowledge and experience nothing less than top-notch! My son and his new bride booked their wedding rehearsal dinner with Sam, and our dinner met and indeed exceeded my expectations, largely because I expected delicious food, but the added bonus of Sam’s witty, cooking-show-like presentation, which combined wonderful stories of his culinary adventures with practical tips and techniques for achieving his gourmet results from my kitchen at home. He prepared our meal, Chicken Parmesan, using his own gourmet marinara sauce from his ever-growing line of award-winning sauces. After the cooking class, I purchased his marinara sauce and cooked Chicken Parmesan, for my family a week or so later, and several times since! They love it, and I love that I’ve learned a new “keeper recipe,” as my husband says”, said Sandy Dutiel. “I’m looking forward to attending more cooking classes and to incorporating many more of Sam’s recipes and sauces into my own cooking repertoire. I highly recommend Pastor’s Pantry’s products and their cooking class experience to any “foodies” out there looking for the real deal when it comes to a great gourmet cooking and eating experience right here in Southern Ohio!”.

Pastor Sam Peters prepares a meal. Sam Peters prepares a meal.submitted photo

An entree from Pastor’s Pantry. entree from Pastor’s Pantry.submitted photo

A special meal from Pastor Sam Peter’s Kitchen. special meal from Pastor Sam Peter’s Kitchen.submitted photo photo

By Ivy Potter

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Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932