September 12

Amanda and Matthew Moore of Olive Hill (Ky.), son

September 13

Randall and Ashley Ratliff of Portsmouth, son

September 14

Erin and Chuck Mays of Lucasville, daughter

September 15

LaDonna Brady and Carson Craft Jr. of Portsmouth, daughter

Alexus Allgood and Cody Timberman of Jacksonville (Fla.), daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Caleb and Cheyenne Caudill of Lucasville, daughter

Thomas and Brittany Bearfield of South Portsmouth (Ky.), son

September 18

Mr. and Mrs. Misty Lemon of Wheelersburg, daughter

Kasey Benner of West Portsmouth, son

April Detty and Dwayne Hiles of Portsmouth, daughter

Ashley Howard and James Craft of West Portsmouth, son

September 19

Mr. and Mrs. James Legg of Portsmouth, daughter

Destiny and Cody Black of Beaver, son

Dylan and Montana Wallace of Wheelersburg, daughter

Glenda Murphy of Portsmouth, daughter

Brooklyn Galloway and Michael Mundhenk of Portsmouth, daughter

September 20

Nathan Reed and Allison King of West Portsmouth, daughter

Aaron and Jennifer Saunders of Waverly, daughter

September 21

Karyna Bray and Toby Bray Jr. of Vanceburg (Ky.), daughter

Delynn Kinnison and Johnathan Stapleton of Portsmouth, son

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin and Kendra Allen of Waverly, daughter

September 22

William and Joannah Storey of Lucasville, son

Kirtsi Lynn Engle and Stevenson Joseph-Lee Adkins of South Webster, son

Emily Hart and Shane Keaton of Waverly, son

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Dunahue of Wheelersburg, daughter

Leigha Marie Clemmons and Tyler Gillum of Piketon, daughter

Stacy Richards and Caleb Daniel of Waverly, son

September 24

Kaitlin Estep-Stamper of West Portsmouth, son

Heather and Eddie Amburgey of West Union, daughter

September 25

Regina Jackson and Clay Jackson of Stout, daughter

Demi Teeters and Evan Teeters of Beaver, son

Tiffany Breech and Scott Howard of Wheelersburg, son

Lequita Foreman and Carl Walker of South Shore (Ky.), son

Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Alex VanHorn of Argillite (Ky.), son

September 26

Jami Shufeldt of Portsmouth, daughter

Curtis and Emily Anderson of Peebles, son

April Sandlin and Andy Sandlin of Piketon, daughter

Valerie Freeland and Jerrid Franklin of Minford, son

April Cooper and Jeffrey Montgomery of Waverly, daughter

Cheyenne Rawlins of Minford, daughter

September 27

Chris and Bobbie Jo Yates of Vanceburg (Ky.), son

Dylan and Arishala Stamper of Waverly, daughter

September 28

Tiffany and Alex Treadway of Portsmouth, daughter

Doug and Brittney Scott of Lucasville, daughter

Ben and Cyndi Wallace of Piketon, daughter

September 29

Rachel Getz of Waverly, twin son and daughter

Megan and Kyle McKenzie of Minford, son

Whitnie Tackett and Seth Tackett of Portsmouth, daughter

T.J. and Rebecca Adkins of Lucasville, son

September 30

Austin and Kandace Rideout of West Portsmouth, son

Carolyn Thornton and Kyle Royster of Wheelersburg, daughter