Crayola releases blue crayon

By Nikki Blankenship - [email protected]

Crayola recently announced the release of their new blue crayon “Bluetiful,” with a celebration that included a 15.6 foot, larger than life crayon the took the Guinness World Record’s title, the Associated Press (AP) reported last week.

Prior to the announcement Chris Cook reached out to the Daily Times explaining that Crayola was conduction a name selection contest.

“Are you aware Crayola has a new blue crayon that’s replacing the Dandelion colored crayon? There was a contest to name that new blue crayon that is ending on the 31st of August,” he stated. “There were five names that were chosen out of nearly 90,000 submissions which the public could vote for to be the name of the new blue crayon. One of those submissions was mine. The name I submitted was ‘Bluetiful.’ It was rather quite an obvious name, others probably submitted the same name, I was just fortunate enough to submit it first.”

The Daily Times spoke to Cook again, since the release of the new crayon.

“Crayola Crayons ‘Dandelion’ color was retiring and they were replacing it with a recently yet to be named newly discovered blue pigment. The color of this new blue pigment was accidentally discovered when scientists at Oregon State University were conducting experiments with materials used in electronics. Beginning in May and lasting until the end of June people could submit one name a day to be chosen as their choice for the new blue pigment. 90,000 submissions later the choices were narrowed down to 5; ‘Bluetiful,’ ‘Blue Moon Bliss,’ ‘Dreams Come Blue,’ ‘Reach For The Stars’ and ‘Star Spangled Blue.’ Voting then began July 1st lasting until August 31. After the votes were tallied, on September 15th with 40% of the vote, it was announced the winning name of the new blue crayon was, drum roll, ‘Bluetiful!’” he explained about the contest.

Cook added that “Bluetiful” was not the only name that he submitted. In fact, he submitted several.

“’Bluetiful’ just seemed like the universal, obvious, kid/parent/teacher friendly name that everyone would submit at least once,” Cook commented. “You can’t be sad or mad, only glad when pronouncing ‘Bluetiful.’ I can picture happy children playing their games at recess, such as tag, being all cutesy chasing one another around calling each other ‘Bluetiful,’ parents and teachers encouraging, promoting self confidence and having good feelings about everything in general just using that word.”

Cook stated that he was confident the name would win, even early in the contest.

“When the names were revealed, I pretty much knew ‘Bluetiful’ would be the winner. It’s only competition, I believed, would be ‘Star Spangled Blue,’ Cook said.

Though he admittedly saw potential in ‘Star Spangled Blue,’ Cook says he was never a fan of the name.

“I was hoping it wouldn’t be ‘Star Spangled Blue.’ To me that’s just too political of a name in theses times and days for a worldwide product primarily meant to be for children. It reeked of American exceptionalism. ‘Star Spangled Blue’ would be more appropriate and suitable if it was just an exclusive release in the U.S.,” he commented.

Cook was critical of the other possibilities as well.

“’Blue Moon Bliss’ just didn’t do it for me. I preferred another name I submitted, “Blue MoonCheese”, to have been the better ‘Moon’ name,” Cook declared. “’Dreams Come Blue,’ (is) really, way to depressing. It’s like saying, ‘Hey kids, don’t even bother dreaming about a bright future. You’ll only disappoint yourself.’ ‘Reach for the Stars”- I don’t want to sound cynical, but it might as well have been called ‘Hands Up.’ I see where people can interpret it as ‘go big,’ your dreams have no limits, but it just don’t sound fitting for a crayon name.”

Now, Cook is waiting to see if he is just one of several to submit the name “Bluetiful.”

“So the obvious name was chosen,” he continued. “I received a $25 gift card for having submitted ‘Bluetiful.’ Now I sit back and wait, hoping out of the 90,000 submissions that not many were ‘Bluetiful’ and that they will pull the Grand Prize from the pool of only people who submitted ‘Bluetiful.’ Even if only 1% of 90,000 submitted ‘Bluetiful,’ the odds are still large.”

Cook said he is going to keep his fingers crossed.

All entries qualify for a grand prize of a four-person trip to the Crayola Experience attraction in Orlando.

By Nikki Blankenship

[email protected]

Reach Nikki Blankenship at 740-353-3101 ext. 1931.

Reach Nikki Blankenship at 740-353-3101 ext. 1931.